View Full Version : Ore Hill Shelter Side Trail ?? Shelter? Camping? Water?

03-27-2013, 14:11
Okay, another question as I pour over maps and the Companion ...

Can I camp at the 'former' Ore Hill Shelter site?

If not, does everyone hike from Hexacuba to Glencliff or Jeffers Brook?

Thanks, again.

03-27-2013, 15:21
i'm mostly speculating, but the terrain through that area is very easy and ore hill shelter was very close to glencilff, so i doubt many people stayed there

03-27-2013, 15:33
If I remember correctly..

Yes you can camp there, spots for several tents.
Was a nice spring down not too far a side trail.

03-27-2013, 16:25
Since there appears to be no store in Glencliff and the PO may be closed??? I thought I'd just walk the mile farther and camp out at Jeffers Brook Shelter.

03-31-2013, 15:19
If you stock up at The Co-op in Hanover it's an easy 10 miles to Moose Mt. shelter; about 17 from there over Smarts to Hexacuba; an easy 16 or so to Glencliff. There's nothing in Glencliff, though, so you're best off going up and over Moosilauke the next day, and then hitching into Lincoln to shop again. You're going to love this section, and if you get a clear day the views from Moosilauke will blow you away!

Don H
03-31-2013, 21:22
If I recall there's a gas station/convenience store in Glencliff, not much selection but they had a nice deli.

08-05-2013, 12:43
Camped at Ore Hill on 7/5/13. There are a few nice campsites and water is flowing at a stream down the blue blaze trail.
As far as Glencliff.... I only went as far as the PO, and across the St is the Welcome Hiker Hostel. They had frozen MW pizza, Ice Cream bars, and soda pops.... all pay as you go. They also have showers ($2.50 w/towel) and a rather poor washer/dryer ($2.75 each per load). Picnic tables in the back. There is a bunk room and outside permenant tents with well worn cots. You can camp on the property for $15 but I just went to Jeffers Brook where it was free. Nice folks there.

08-05-2013, 16:07
The post office was open when I went through in June. The people at the hiker hostel will also shuttle you into warren for dinner or supplies at the convenient store.

Chaco Taco
08-24-2013, 07:21
There is no longer a shelter at Ore Hill. I know its listed that way in the Companion. The water along that entire section is very very low as of yesterday. There is a very nice privy and some spots to camp. There are also places to stealth camp along this section with it being so low in elevation.

The PO in Glencliff is open but they keep odd hours, which are listed in The Companion. Warren has limited re-supplpy at the convenience store but there is a deli.
As far as hiking to Jeffers and Hexacuba, Id say it depends on your day. Those areas are good for folks that enjoy shelters. There are much more chances for legal stealth camping in this area. You could also go to Mt Cube Sugar shack at the 25 A crossing, they have a small hostel.

Chaco Taco
08-24-2013, 07:23
and when I say low water, not even filterable. Its just mud and soot. Plan accordingly. We are in a pretty significant dry spell up here

08-24-2013, 10:31
When I sectioned that area I camped at a nice spot right before the road crosssing at Warren. Next day I stopped at Ore Hill to tank up, then hiked to the hostel and P.O. in Glencliff. It's a shame about the shelter at Ore Hill burning down. I read that it was a guy high on something that started a fire in the shelter to either cook or stay warm. Crazy. I hope they rebuild it some day.

06-16-2015, 12:37
> Can I camp at the 'former' Ore Hill Shelter site?

MattMC89 remembers correctly. There is most definitely a designated camp site where the Ore Hill Shelter used to be. Note that
The shelter, which burned down in 2011, will not be replaced. Tents sites and a new privy are available at the site of the former shelter. (Revised 5/9/2014)Water is presently flowing quite nicely, which has the side effect of plenty of mosquitoes.