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Half Knot
03-28-2013, 16:22
I've been a bit behind in getting a touch base intro out there. so here 'tis. At nearly 48 years old, I'm just rediscovering hiking. Got fired up last summer after doing the short half mile Moss Glen Falls trek in Morrisville, VT, followed by a recommendation by the Green Mountain Club to try the Sterling Pond Trail in Stowe. The latter was a quick eye opener. Just 1.1 miles long but with 1,100 feet of elevation change. Still, my family managed to make it up (including my 69 year old mother) and my 13 year old and I continued the remaining half mile to the top of Spruce Peak. How can one not be hooked after that type of trek, and those views?

We're based in eastern Connecticut and are blessed with all those blue-blazed trails. Plan to get to far more of them this summer, and my guess is my 13 year old will be at my side. The rest of the family can take it or leave it, by my 13 year old is my outdoorsgirl!

We've never hiked the AT, and odds are with obligations the nearest I'd see to a thru hike would be after retiring (if that ever happens in this economy!). But with the trail just a couple of hours from home, section hikes are not out of the question. Just a matter of finding the time (grrr).

Any and all advice will be welcome - my only experience is as a Boy Scout. But those were the days of canvas tents, clunker steel toed boots and raggedy external frame packs. It's not even close - I'm starting from scratch here.

I got a few things over the holidays, including the very cool BioLite stove! But the necessities? Still yet to be invested in. I just picked up an REI Lookout 40 from the Outlet. At less than $60, it was too good a deal to pass up. And I'm hoping a 40L pack will get me through what I need for mainly day hikes and maybe a spot overnighter until we can free up some time for longer trips.

Sorry this rambles a bit, but thanks for listening.

Half Knot

Special K
03-28-2013, 16:58

I know your area very well. I grew up in Tolland, CT. If you read the articles on this site, you will find every answer to every possible question you could ever have. Just be prepared to get hooked (and learn a lot). You wll spend hours here!

When you have time, Google Kaboose and Sassafrass. They are a father/daughter team hiking the AT right now. His daughter is also 13 years old.

Mountain Mike
03-28-2013, 19:45
:welcome Welcome to White Blaze. Glad to hear you & your family have gotten the hiking bug. I grew up in western MA. In addition to the AT, check out the Metacomet Monadnock Trail http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metacomet-Monadnock_Trail#Hiking_the_trail. It's now part of the New England Trail http://www.newenglandtrail.org/Home.aspx. It might offer some day & overnight hikes close to home.

03-28-2013, 20:02
:welcometo white blaze, tons of info here, maybe read this, and ofther Articles found on the home page under Gear, tricks and tips, then ask some specific questions, leaning can be half the fun.....


03-28-2013, 21:23
:welcome fellow eastern CTer, like the others have said there's a whole lot of info and experience here on this site. Just a bit of lite reading and maps that are great are the Connecticut walks books(east and west)there loaded with great trail info and maps. happy trails.

03-28-2013, 22:32
:welcome Howdy! Welcome! Happy Trails to You! I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Scout Leader. Right now serving on a Troop Committee and Pack Committee. Happy hiking and welcome to WhiteBlaze!

03-28-2013, 23:14
Welcome Half Knot! :)

03-28-2013, 23:19
Welcome from another eastern CT'er. I've been crossing off the Blue Blaze trails, myself.