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03-29-2013, 16:41
I have made the decision that I will attempt a thru hike in the near future. The decision I need to make is: do I begin sobo in June/July 2014 or nobo in March/ April 2015?

Here's my situation. I'm 23 years old and teaching on the Navajo Nation through Teach For America. My commitment to the program ends at the end of next school year, Early June 2014. I have little idea what I plan on doing long term after this commitment, other than I will relocate closer to my family in VA. At this point, I'm leaning towards grad school.

So my predicament lies in wanting to start the trail when I'm done teaching, as to not have a "lull". However, I've always wanted to travel nobo and doing so would allow me almost a year of training and working a part time gig or internship to ensure I have the funds. ( I could save the money now, but would have to change my lifestyle). While I know this is a decision I have to come to on my own, I'd love some outside perspective.

Also, I have a dog and a serious girlfriend if that didn't complicate things enough.

Lone Wolf
03-29-2013, 17:20
if it were me i'd go SOBO. i've done 4 NOBO, 1 SOBO and i enjoyed SOBO the most

03-29-2013, 17:22
Why not change your lifestyle now? I mean the trail is a huge lifestyle change.

03-29-2013, 17:26
Do the cdt, take the dog, and leave the serious girl friend home to hold down the fort...seriously.

Lone Wolf
03-29-2013, 21:03
a NOBO thru hike is not challenging at all. you got roads every few miles, cell service, hostels, towns, motels, shuutlers galore and CROWDS! go south. you won't regret it. hurry up before it catches on

03-29-2013, 23:55
another option is flip flop this year. start at Harpers Ferry in late June nobo. You could finish the northern half of the AT by Labor Day. Return to HF, go SOBO and see the fall colors in the southern Appalachians.... finish at Springer by mid November.

what LF said about SOBO thrus is true, you won't be fighting all the crowds going nobo.... it's a big traffic jam now in GA and NC up to Fontana Dam. That probably won't thin out til after Damascus.

good luck and have fun