View Full Version : New Hat, Glove Liner & Shell, and my reviews!

12-31-2002, 21:01
A month ago I began searching for a good layering system for my hands and head while hiking in winter conditions. I wanted gloves over mittens, and don't need a serious amount of insulation beyond a water/wind barrier. After careful comparisons, I just retired my big and bulky polartech fleece gloves, and columbia fleece hat because the new equipment is in!

1.) Black Diamond Polartech Powerstretch Gloves ($20).
- Unbelieveable. I would pay $50 for them. Comfort and functionality are second to none. Warm, Highly flexible, leather palm, can't express how much I like them. They go on the ultimate list with platypus bottles and the tikka headlamp. At $20 a pair, I thought they were mis-priced, and was shocked to find the price accurate.

2.) OR Pro Modular Gore-Tex Glove Shells ($70).
- Nice long gauntlet. Goes 1/2 way up my arm. Ergonomics are nice. An average product that could be improved somewhat, but has no competitor for the function/design/weight. Back of hand stitching is somewhat excessive. Don't buy the $40 liner. It's junk, and I returned them. Pick out your own liner.

3.) TNF Gore-Windstopper Highpoint Hat ($40).
- Another unbeliveable product. Thin and light, but incredibly warm, breatheable, and stops the wind. I was atrracted to this hat due to it's gore windstopper fleece lining. My LL Bean fleece jacket has this same lining and is another great product. This hat is another favorite. Well worth the $. I'm buying one for my dad now.

Two incredible products, and one good product. I'd like to note that my current balaclava, an OR Gore-Windstopper unit is a piece of crap. I've used it twice, and I already have stitches coming loose, along with a the poor initial construction. A surprise as this company usally makes high quality products. Oh well...