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03-30-2013, 22:36
I hunt, fish, hike, backpack, and some days do it all in the same trip. Never more than 5-7 days at a time right now. Most of my gear has been stuff I have first hand knowledge of from the military, or used while hunting, so my direct hike/backpack gear knowledge is small. I know some of you have to be hunters and anglers as well, and I am looking at trying to reduce weight of my pack overall. It is generally just me, some freeze dried food, and in the fal, god only knows what kind of weather could show up in Montana. But would love to hear thoughts and ideas about how to lighten the load from those with more experience than I have with strictly back packing. Thanks in advance.

03-30-2013, 22:50
The only difference between backpacker gear and other outdoor equipment is simply the fact backpackers pay a lot more money for stuff which is a lot flimsier, with the goal of making it as light as possible. The process is simple, just replace everything you have with lighter stuff. The rest is just deciding on what you really need to have with you and what is just nice to have, then taking only what you really need.

03-30-2013, 23:02
Well, for instance, I use a Badlands 4500 pack. It is not very light, but it caries a we will fix it, no questions asked lifetime warranty, so far, I have broke buckles, and even the stiff part around the lower back, each and every time, they fixed it, free, just cost me shipping, and it is tough material. Will these packs I see you all talk about, last and hold up, and do the companies stand behind them, like the one I was talking about? I get that many pay a lot more, for much lighter gear. I need stuff that will do multiple duty, not just one task. My pack hauls my gear and, game out, but you all have made a choice to go light, and go far. I know I will find my own balance, and I love to read about all the neat stuff you guys and gals use, and the tips and tricks. I may never get to hike the AT, but I love to read about the light tarps, silnylon, alcohol stoves and stuff like that!

Feral Bill
03-31-2013, 00:12
There are plenty of back country fishers, so lightweight fly and spinning equipment is easy to find. Light backing gear is discussed at length on this site and others. I would say that moderately light gear is not very flimsy and will last you many years. A pound saved on a tent is that many more cartridges, lures, etc. you can haul. If your camping gear weighs 20 lbs, not counting food, fuel, and water (base weight, they call it) you'll be fine.

03-31-2013, 06:56
http://kuiu.com/ (http://kuiu.com/)

coach lou
03-31-2013, 07:16
I have Backpacked and Flyfished MOST of western Montana, it has been my experience that god only knows what kind of weather you'll get in July! Also, we found fishing as my friends were getting out of packing, so we were 'lightweight' already. As we aquired fishing gear it had to be light weight to begin with. Then are walks were shorter and the rivers do not run along ridges, as most LD trails do. With that said, if you were to backpack and get some fishing in, a 3wt. would do you. If you were to backpack into fishin' country.....you will need TP Ws pack.

I also have found that the only thing different about gear differences really is foot wear, everything else my gear can and does go both ways.