View Full Version : South of Pinkham Notch Campsites?

The Solemates
06-29-2005, 17:39
Is there anywhere to stealth it south of pinkham notch (say 2 miles or less)? we are going to be getting in late and dont want to hike far, but also dont want to pay to spend the night at joe dodge.

06-29-2005, 19:55
If I'm not mistaken there maybe a few flat spots along "Old Jackson Rd" where you could set up right on the trail after dark. Of course, you'll want to make sure and allow room for the wildlife to pass.

Then, there's always Osgood Campsite 4.7 from Pinkham. Bring a flashlight or stay in your vehicle.

06-30-2005, 15:59
During my 2001 thru I did this section SOBO. After the visitor center at Pinkham the AT follows the Old Jackson Road. I set up my tent, for the night, on a very level spot about .1 miles after I crossed the auto toll road.

Old Hickory MH
06-30-2005, 16:07
In 1998 my wife and I hiked the Old Jackson trail and I seem to recall just before the auto road there being a place that was almost certainly perfect for you, if my memory serves me right it was about 15-20 yards off the trail and behind some huge rocks. Right after the auto road there is a side trail to an overlook, if weather is nice you could sleep under the stars up there and no one would know the difference.

07-01-2005, 10:31
You could drive up the road a few miles and stay at Dolly Copp Campground.

Jack Tarlin
07-01-2005, 11:00
You need not go back two miles. There's excellent stealth camping within two hndred yards of the AMC complex at Pinkham; there are also other spots on the AT North of Pinkham once you cross the highway.

07-01-2005, 11:44
You need not go back two miles. There's excellent stealth camping within two hndred yards of the AMC complex at Pinkham; there are also other spots on the AT North of Pinkham once you cross the highway.
True, but if you walk South a bit you can camp legally. For me, doing so makes for a more relaxing time.

FWIW, the regulation are here.


07-01-2005, 12:48
Let me clear up a bit of confusion. To go North on the AT from Pinkham, the hiker heads South (across Rt 16). There are numerous bootleg sites next to the trail once you cross the wet area, unfortunately they are not legal. If you head off one of the side trails, there is fairly open woods where legal spots can be found.

To go South on the AT, the hiker actually hikes North on the old Jackson Road. There are numerous possibilities for bootleg camping but most are not legal. AMC has a network of local trails that go east from the old Jackson road with some camping possibilities.

More than a few folks camp along the peabody river off of the old road after the Great gulf trail turns off and goes over the river.

07-01-2005, 18:47
Just north of Pinkham (on AT) lots of stealth camping, but why sleep nervously about getting caught. Osgood campsite is about 2 or 3 miles south of PN (& free). Or better yet good legal campsites are found along the Peabody river in the Great Gulf and swimming holes! Nobos can catch AYCE breakfast at PN in the morning.

07-06-2005, 19:08
I know this thread died off about 5 days ago, but I just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. A couple SOBO's did get tickets from someone (AMC emloyee's or rangers?) for stealthing right near the Visitor Center at Pinkham. Obviously they didn't do a good job of stealthing, but just realize it might be worth it to put a bit of distance between your tent and the VC. As Jack mentioned there are a couple good spots just north of NH16 and the ski lift on Wildcat dawned on me as a great spot to pull off late night.

The Solemates
07-07-2005, 09:50
thanks guys....

this is our labor day tour, so we wont be leavin for a couple months now, but I wanted to get the heads up before we got there because i couldnt remember the area in that detail.

The Solemates
09-01-2005, 14:05
leaving tomorrow....will post when we return.

The Solemates
09-06-2005, 14:50
We got back from our New England trip last night after having a wonderful time hiking in VT and NH. The weather was absolutely beautiful, at 75F in the valleys during the day and sunshine.

We spent Friday afternoon in Stowe, VT and camped near Smugglers Notch Friday night. Saturday we did a 9 mile loop across Mt Mansfields face (if you are familiar, the mtn has names like adams apple, chin, nose, and forehead). Weather for our summit was quite breezy (30mph) and cool (40F). The sky cleared off and on during our hike, so we got some excellent views.

We then drove to Pinkham Notch and stealth camped near AMC Saturday night. There were plenty of spots well off the main trails. We got an early start Sunday morning and did a half Presidential traverse up Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Clay, and Washington using the 14-mile AT to reach the Washington VC by 3PM. Weather for our summit was even breezier (40mph) and cooler (33F). The sky was clear for about an hour while we were above treeline around 10AM, so we were afforded a clear view of the range beforehand. We got a ride down with some section hikers (from TN!) and then drove to Cranmore Mtn B&B (our favorite place to stay in NH...weve stayed there before) in the ritzy town of N Conway. On monday we took a tour of NH by road and even visited a few beaches before our flight left boston.

a great trip, documented in photos at my link below (click on new england tour link).

03-10-2006, 17:09
A couple of years ago (late August) I asked at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center Desk where to stealth overnight after my section hike from Grafton Notch. I was directed to go up a ski trail about 1000 y (forget name) and camp on the other side of the stream. Worked just fine. Also I picked up a UPS package drop and used the coin op showers at the VC, both OK.