View Full Version : Prospective 2014 thru-hikers in the Northeast

04-01-2013, 19:24
Hey everyone!

So, I'm not sure if I am posting this way too early seeing as how the 2013 class has barely started this year, but I wanted to see if there were any prospective 2014 people living in the Northeast on here. I'm from Albany, NY and it would be great to meet some new people and hike with new people too in preparation for the 2014 thru-hike!

If you're out there, don't be shy. Reply! Lol, yay rhyme.

04-03-2013, 13:01
Hello! Me and my fiance plan to do a south bound hike in 2014. We are always looking for new people to hike with. Hit me up with a pm an we can set something up

04-05-2013, 14:46
I'm planning on starting around March of '14.

Another Kevin
04-05-2013, 15:59
I'm from Niskayuna, and while I'm likely never to do a thru in this lifetime, I'm always looking for folk to go out with. If you can stand going with a snail. I suppose if I really pour on the coal I can kick it up to 'tortoise.' Sorry, I'm old and really let myself go to pot for quite a while. I'm slowly working back into trail shape, but I can't get out that often and it's taking a while. PM if you're interested in setting something up. (The same goes for BrewBaker+fiance and mattcush...)

04-06-2013, 00:46
with a snail.

By the way, I hiked a short distance with a couple of guys from Manhatten when I approached the entrance to Harriman State Park. They'd shown up on the road when I was talking to a woman who was the Welcome Wagon for the state of New York. The guys had the isia; 20 questions about thru-hiking and then asked if they could hike with me. I'd told them okay and I hiked down the main drag of Harriman State Park to the point there they'd parked their car. We'd eventually hiked about a mile or so before they'd asked me, "This is a difficult portion of the Appalachian Trail, right? It is, isn't it?" I told them that yeah, it was a tough portion.

I suppose I'd messed up the plans of their spouses for the next year.