View Full Version : Please rate my prospective clothing?

04-02-2013, 07:01
I'm departing May 1st (Springer->MD) for a 3-month solo hike (can't thru-hike due to time constraints).
Please rate my clothing choices; please offer suggestions/substitutions.
Thanking you so much,

So far:
1 Short sleeve silk shirt purchased at Goodwill
1 Patagonia Capilene long sleeve shirt
1 TNF Varius Guide jacket
1 TNF Khumbu fleece
1 Nylon running short
1 Polyester short
2 Pair nylon "dress" socks
2 Pair SmartWool socks
3 Pair Icebreaker boxer brief
1 Yomiuri Giants baseball hat
New Balance MT481

1 Red Ledge Thunderlight Pant

Don H
04-02-2013, 07:51
IMO, since you asked:

swap the fleece for a down filled jacket
add one pair of sox
drop one pair of underwear
swap one pair of shorts for a pair of convertible pants
leave the rain jacket and buy a DryDucks jacket, save over 1 lb.
you won't need rain pants

04-02-2013, 09:11
Thank you so much, Don. I know the Varius is hefty, but I'm a creature of habit sometimes, I guess. You're completely right, though; I should swap it for a Dri Ducks (but I hate losing the pockets). I always debate bringing convertible pants on extended hikes as I rarely use the bottoms; better safe than sorry, I suppose. Sometimes I'll bring the rain paints as they also double as sleepwear on chillier evenings.
Thanks so, so much again.