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04-02-2013, 20:44
Hello everyone. I'm a long way out from my thru- Hike. I will be on the trail sometime between 4/20/14 - 5/1/14. My question is. If I start then is it to late to give myself enough time to finish before the weather shuts me down in Maine. Thinking I would be in good enough shape to do 8 miles a day for the first 2 weeks. Thanks

Spirit Walker
04-02-2013, 20:51
Three possibilities: 1) you get in shape fairly quickly, don't get injured, and make it to Katahdin in 5 months; 2) you don't get in shape as quickly as you hoped, and you see Autumn approaching before you reach Maine, so you get a ride north to Baxter SP and hike south; 3) You decide you don't want to feel pressured to push the mileage, so you start in Virginia, take your time getting in shape, reach Katahdin in September and flip south to finish.

Spirit Walker
04-02-2013, 20:53
Alternately, you spend the next year getting in shape, doing as much hiking and backpacking as possible, then it won't be an issue. Eight miles a day is good for someone just starting backpacking. For an experienced hiker, it's a half day hike.

04-02-2013, 21:04
Thanks for the advice. How does this sound. Hike to Bear Mountain N.Y.( close to home town) and then flip to Katahdin and finish back at Bear Mountain.

04-02-2013, 23:53
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Stir Fry
04-03-2013, 00:51
Its your hike that sounds like a good plan

04-03-2013, 12:45
Sounds like a great time to start your hike. Those that start in early march deal with a lot of cold weather, snow and just winter scenery. You want to hike but you want to enjoy the hike also.

Comet Omega
04-07-2013, 09:02
Thanks for the advice. How does this sound. Hike to Bear Mountain N.Y.( close to home town) and then flip to Katahdin and finish back at Bear Mountain.

I've thought about doing this same thing, but plan to start early April. Keeping this as a backup plan. Grew up there too used to hike Anthony's Nose frequently.

04-07-2013, 14:18
i have a question. if you stop and move to another location and start back would that still be a thru hike? or would that be a section hike? this is where i will run into trouble, i want to do a thru hike someday but i cant start till late season so i would have to jump off the trail and ride/fly to Katahdin and start back south to beat the bad weather

Stir Fry
04-07-2013, 17:57
There is no rule hike to Harpers Ferry, fly North the walk back to Harpers Ferry. Its a thru hike Hike 100 miles a year for 21 years, its a thru hike. Goto ATC and ask how many have thru hiked and they will tell you haw many 2000 milers. Dont think they track those that do it in a set time. I have done over 1000 miles and the only reason i'm starting at springer and going to maine is for the personal chalange. The people that do a couple hunderd miles a year, year after year are very dedicated. It takes alot to go through the pain and suffering of the first 5 to 10 days over and over.

04-08-2013, 21:01
If I could start earlier I would. Doesn't look like's it's possible. This is a one shot deal for me. My thoughts are I'm heading north as far as I can. watch the weather. If I have to take a bus or some thing else to Katahdin I will and head south. When I cross my path where I left the trail you can bet I will call it My Thru Hike.