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06-30-2005, 19:46
Dear AT Hikers, Help 47 year old single white female desperately needs some advice!!.
I am coming over to US on September 17th through to October 14th. It was my intention to spend time hiking AT but I cannot carry a pack so am now limited to Day Hikes. Was intending to fly into NY, hire a car and head up to Green Mount, White Mountain and Baxter. Maybe back to NY fly to Washington and then hire another car and do Shenandoah.
1) Have driven all my life but not in US and not a left hand drive. Is this an unreasonable expectation to think I could do driving in these areas?
2) What would be a good place to find accommodation in NY so I could hire a car locally and head out of town? Somewhere not too busy.
3) Who do I contact for a Driver Refresher Course or something so I don't get splattered immediately I take to the wheel?
4) If I am driving up North-East AT area is there somethings I should not miss?
5) Anyone interested in doing some day-hikes, car shuttle, during this period?
6) Accommodation, cheap but not sleezy, any suggestions?
I have looked on internet and man I can tell you I am totally confused as to what to do.

06-30-2005, 20:21
I don't think you will have much trouble driving on the right side of the road. Lot's of people make the adjustment while traveling. If you're flying into Newark Liberty Airport there are lots of car rental places. I think LaGuardia Airport does too. I used Enterprise rental once, they were ok. You'll probably get a lot more feedback on the other questions on this forum. Good luck.

06-30-2005, 23:14
thanks stupe now I know there are 2 other airports besides JFK.

07-01-2005, 00:14
You do have a lot of money to be spending on this vacation, right? For car rental/nice hotel or bed and breakfast type place/food, etc I'd estimate at least $150 US a day.

My suggestion for some shuttles, or saving some money is to check into staying at some of the classic hiker hostels along the way. Almost all these places are $15-20 a night and offer some decent shuttle services usually. You'd probably save a lot of money. You'd get more of the trail culture experience if you stayed at the hostels too.

You probably don't need to be doing so much planning from home. When you land in NY at the airport, tourist info. there can help you rent a car and find a hotel to stay in.

When you fly to Washington, the airport people can help you do the same.

07-01-2005, 00:29
Thanks. I have some pennies from my mum's estate. I owe it to her to spend it wisely! I looked at forum on Lodgings and have plenty of info. Yes I am trying to stop planning and be more spontaneous. Yes I was hoping to rub shoulders with the AT culture. Thanks for your advice always hard to know what to do from another country.

07-01-2005, 00:45
Why are you coming to hike when you cannot currently carry an essential tool for most hiking, e.g., a pack? It would seem to make more sense WRT your time and money to heal up and/or train back in your home country until such time as you are ready to do some hiking.

07-01-2005, 00:48
Without replacing my right knee? Hmm just not ready for that sort of thing. Surgeon says 'just don't carry a damned pack'. Actually he told me never to hike again. I have been in recovery for 12 months and this is as good as I'm gonna get.