View Full Version : Another Story About Hypothemia Deaths

04-05-2013, 14:40
If you ever wonder how fast hypothermia can strike :eek: read this story: http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/dog-stays-with-family-who-died-on-hiking-trail

One of the saddest facts of this story is that a driver came upon these "hikers in distress" and could have saved their lives; however the adult in the group ---who may have already been suffering from hypothermia---choose to continue hiking anyway.

Good site for hypothermia signs, symptoms, first aid: http://kayak-skills.kayaklakemead.com/hypothermia-signs-treatment.html

P.S. If you want to quickly check someone for hypothermia, ask them to touch their little finger to their thumb. If they are unable to do this then they are hypothermic and their muscles are not working properly (AKA in "hypothermia speak" Stage 2 -- Body temperature drops by 2-4 degree Celsius (3.8-7.6 degrees Fahrenheit) below normal temperature (33-35 degree celcius or 91-94.8 degree Fahrenheit).) Additionally, ask the person if they are having any problems with their vision as this is also a sign of Stage 2 hypothermia. Vision symptoms may occur before or after the onset of gross motor activity symptom(s).