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04-07-2013, 13:46
Hey all,
I've been off the forums for a while but still planning my AT thru hike to start in May. Does anyone know what conditions I should expect for Georgia/NC in May, VA in June, or PA in July? What special hazards will I encounter that are beyond what I would have experienced on the Long Trail last July? I'm especially worried about heat and possibly snakes.

How many people are typically on that part of the trail in May?

henry g wilgo
04-07-2013, 14:05
hello,,,,i too would like any info about weather,,,or .....BUG LEVELS ,,,HIGH...OR ....LOW THANKYOU HENRY

04-07-2013, 14:13
I to am leaving Springer on May15,and very curious about what obstacles I Will face in Georgia in the summer ????

Jack Tarlin
04-07-2013, 15:28
1. After May, carry bug spray, not for mosquitos but for gnats, etc.
2. There will not be a whole lot of thru-hikers on the Trail in May in Georgia as 95% of them have already started by
3. Snakes are not an issue or a worry in Georgia or anywhere else.
4. Georgia/NC "obstacles"? And those in VA, MD, PA? Pay attention to water sources/availability and it'll be hot.

04-07-2013, 20:57
Thanks for the info

04-07-2013, 21:07
Cool at night in May, possibly into the 40s, but probably mostly 50 or so. (We had frost in early June, so it does happen.) Some overgrown trail with poison ivy, briars, etc. It'll be getting hot during the day,and some bugs, mostly gnats as Baltimore Jack mentions. I spritz a little DEET on my hat and my bandana and it mostly works. Late afternoon thunderstorms are common, especially into June and July. Lots of humidity. Water sources will start drying up in dry years. Snakes are generally not an issue -- if you see any, just leave them alone. We saw plenty of hikers on the trail in June, just not thru-hikers. Not many views in the South as all the trees will be fully leafed out.

04-08-2013, 20:14
Have you checked a calender and schedule with a start date in May? You are either an elite athlete or planning a flip hike and finishing very late .

04-09-2013, 20:40
doing it in 2 summers.

04-13-2013, 10:36
I am not an "elite athlete" by any means, but you're wrong to suggest that I have to be; my plan is to do the trail in 110 days, which is ambitious but realistic; not only an average of less than 20 miles per day, but also the same speed as Earl Shaffer made on his pioneering thru hike. I'm ultralight (6 lbs base weight) and I hate days off.
We'll see how it goes, I love hiking and being on the trail at all is what matters most.

04-13-2013, 13:23
Ticks were at their worst last May on the GA AT, I'd expect the same this year and be prepared.

04-13-2013, 16:16
Ticks were at their worst last May on the GA AT, I'd expect the same this year and be prepared.

already seeing quite a few ticks in VA

04-13-2013, 17:47
Living in PA I would definitely be aware of reliable water sources ahead of you since they tend to dry up in the summer. Check trail registers and hikers coming in the opposite direction for up-to-date info. It can be very hot and humid so make sure you have enough. You'll be dreaming of all the water you had in the south when you started. Ticks can also be a problem so do a body check every evening. Get someone to check those places you can't see. You get used to the swarming insects during the day everytime you stop since they are usually just annoying.

04-14-2013, 09:19
May is a transition month so conditions in early May are quite different than late May. Early May is typically wonderful temperature wise. 60s & 70s during the day and 40s & 50s at night. The leaves will only be filling in at that time. End of May can be very summer like with temps in the 80s with extreme humidity. You will be in the green tunnel however so that will keep temps down earlier in the day.

As for hazards the only thing that comes to mind that will be different in May than earlier starts is the abundance of poison ivy. It will be everywhere and even on the trail in places. Wear long socks and take care when taking them off and putting them back on.