View Full Version : Questions: June New England Section Hike

The Dave
04-09-2013, 18:57
I'm thinking about doing a New England section hike from early to mid June this year. I'd start either on June 2nd or June 9th and would take two weeks to go from the AT Railroad Station in NY to somewhere in southern Vermont. A few questions I hope some folks here might have some insight into:

What's the black fly and mosquito situation like that time of year?
What kind of weather should I expect? I've seen everything from 90s during the day to 30s at night.
Since I plan on stopping in southern Vermont, what are my transportation options to get back to a major airport (Boston, Manchester, NY)? I know the Amtrak goes from Rutland, VT to NYC, but Rutland is about 50 miles more than I think I can do over that time span.

04-09-2013, 19:29
You may have a few black flies but mosquitoes will be the major bug problem for the entirety of your hike. Don't plan on sleeping in shelters because they'll find their way in.

Regarding temps, if I were going I'd bring my 45 degree bag and chance it. Keep in mind that until Vermont, you're hiking at low elevations.

There are local buses in Southern Vermont which run between Bennington and Manchester, and Manchester and Rutland. A few links are on the ATC shuttle list (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/docs/default-document-library/at-shuttles-parking-vandalism-3-29-13.pdf) starting on page 14. You can also contact the Green Mountain Club or just do general internet searches on buses in Bennington.

The Dave
04-10-2013, 10:16
Thanks. This is really helpful. As for the bag, I'm wavering between my 45 degree quilt or my Western Mountaineering Highlite. The Highlite is only a couple of ounces more and it keeps me warm down into the mid-30s. But the quilt opens fully (unlike the Highlite, which only has a half-zip), which is a plus if the nights are a little balmy.

04-10-2013, 21:37
Your temp estimates are pretty much correct--we see both extremes, but I think you can bring the lighter bag. Both set of bugs, but blackflies tend to be localized, often dependent on altitude. By mid June, most will be gone, leaving just the skeeters.

Albany is another airport option, Southwest flies from there. Depending on your schedule, I may be able to give you a ride there in late June. You can PM me if you want to figure out details.