View Full Version : Help please! I lost my keys on the trail yesterday (Mon. 4/9/13) in PA

04-10-2013, 17:12
I'm hiking the AT in PA and when I got to Eagles Nest Shelter last night, I realized I didn't have my keys. Since I parked just ~6 mi. away at the Game Commission parking lot off PA 183, the keys have to be between the two places. One is my vehicle key and it costs well over $100 to replace b/c of the computer chip in it, and I'll have to go to the dealer to get one to boot. There are 3 keys on the ring as well as the little black auto door opener/lock.

I figure posting it here is a long shot, but if someone does find the ring, I'll be in the area for a while as I'm NB and hope to get into New England. I'm planning on being out till late June. My email is:


Thanks in advance to anyone going to this part of the AT and keeping his/her eyes open for them. I
ll prob. go back tomorrow and look myself, but they may be covered by leaves and reappear later. I did the same thing a few years back somewhere around Cove Mtn. Shleter but never recovered the keys in spite of asking at Scott Farm Work Center and the Boiling Springs Office. Of course, I didn't know about Whiteblaze back then...

Feral Bill
04-10-2013, 17:26
There are third parties that duplicate "smart" keys for cheaper. Good luck.

04-10-2013, 17:50
Back track? It's only a few miles and you have a better idea of where you may have stopped and taken a break, water, ect.

Maybe they are in the car :)

Mrs Baggins
04-11-2013, 06:49
Led an 8 mile hike one day and just before we got back to the parking lot something clicked in my mind - I did not have my keys. Walked up to my van and there they were, laying on the rear bumper where I had set them down while I put my day pack on. It's so easy to get distracted while trying to get your pack on, grab the poles, etc - and just lay the keys down for a second.