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07-02-2005, 22:53

One of the bags that has caught my eye during my internet research is the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45. This bag is 800 fill down and is rated to 45 degrees and long size weighs like 1.3 pounds or so. Zipper is 3/4 length.

What do you think of this bag? If you have used it how did you like it?

Also..If I have my 10 degree FF Raven bag for the more wintery portions and switch it out with a 45 degree bag for the warmer portions (like between Perrisburg, VA and Glencliffe, NH would I be all set bag wise for NB AT thru hike (that starts in late march?


07-02-2005, 23:00
I tried the Phantom 32 and found it to be sorely lacking in the durability department. Lots of down seepage and after a few uses it just didnt seem to loft back up.The shell seemed real thin compared to most and was constantly dealing with a damp bag. If I can make a suggestion--give Winton a call at Neels Gap-706-745-6095 and try out the Mountain Crossings Frog Sac. It's synthetic, weighs about 1.75lbs and is pretty much bomber. I've used it for a couple of seasons and have found it to be an ideal summer bag. He has it rated to 40 but I am a warm sleeper and have been comfortable a few degrees below. Get near the 32 degree mark though and I want something more substantial. The price isnt bad either. I think he still charges around 100 for a short and 110 for a long. That bag saved my butt a few times last year on atrek through the Blacks of NC. Just an idea.

07-03-2005, 07:36
First let me say I am also a warm sleeper, I am warm at night when most are cold. I tired a Western Mountaineering 40 degree, for a week beginning memorial day weekend in 2001, starting at dalton, mass, it was wet and chilly the whole I week and I was cold every night, I sent for 15 degree bag ( a Marmot, I might add) and it warmed up immediately.

The next time I go out for a long hike in summer in the mountains, I will not use anything less than a 25 - 30 degree bag. I good night's sleep is just to important to me, I would rather have to unzip the bag than to have to be cold at night or be trying to be rummaging through my gear for more layer at 3:00 am.

Check this out www.marmot.com/products/product.php?cat=bags&subcat=33&style_id=F2000 (http://www.marmot.com/products/product.php?cat=bags&subcat=33&style_id=F2000) , it's 900 down, 30 degree Marmot bag, weighing only 1lb 5ozs. I am a Marmot fan, 15 degree bag has kept me warm at 5 degree's, on windy nights.

07-03-2005, 11:35
One of the bags that has caught my eye during my internet research is the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45. This bag is 800 fill down and is rated to 45 degrees and long size weighs like 1.3 pounds or so. Zipper is 3/4 length.

What do you think of this bag? If you have used it how did you like it?

I used the MH P45 from on the AT from late May to late June, GA thru VA. And several other trips around the south. Mine is 20.something ounces.

I haven't had durability issues the other poster mentioned. Yes, feather leakage every now and then but nothing to make me worry. No problems losing loft--I've measured multiple times with a ruler since I've owned it.

Good things:
-The hood is wonderful, very puffy
-Trim cut works well for skinny people like me
-Warm enough for me to low 40s, with clothing.

Not-so-good things:
-The fabric is not so breathable. Even mild perspiration will lead to a very clammy feeling, and probably damp down. You have to be fairly careful and attentive to regulating your temp. This is the major drawback.
-Stuff sack is absurdly small and a burden to use. I replaced it with a 7x15.


07-03-2005, 19:23
I have the mountain Hardwear 45...used it for about 2 months on the AT and plenty of times since then. Highly recommended and no problems that I can think of. The stuff sack is small but it's pretty easy to get the bag in there if space is an issue in your pack. If it's not, just get a bigger stuff sack, it's better for the bag anyway.

SGT Rock
08-14-2005, 09:51
If you are open to another idea, try looking at the JRB Summer Quilt. I really like this quilt, and at 14 ounces total weight it practically weighs nothing :D

08-14-2005, 09:52
My son is SOBO on the trail right now with an REI "travelsack". I have also used this bag extensively for summer camping. This is a 55 degree rated bag that weighs about 24 oz and stuffs real small. Plus it only costs about $ 60. One thing I really really like about this bag is the open foot that you close with a draw string and arm openings that close with zippers. This makes it possible to "wear" the bag like a big hooded parka and walk around camp or the shelter on those cold mornings so you can leave that jacket at home.

08-14-2005, 10:00
I just purchased a Marmot Atom 40 degree bag (long). It worked well on the Colorado Trail. Give it a look.

08-14-2005, 12:41
i use a 35 deg,TNFclimber 3-D 13oz. it is as big as a loaf of bread w/o a compression sack. but this past couple of months i find myself just using my silk liner..... and thermarest and as a ridgerunner it makes life just a little nicer. at about 6 oz, quick drying its a nice way to crash, if it gets into the 50s add your thermals and that still isnt to bad.

safe adventures

08-14-2005, 16:56
My brother used the REI Travel Down bag (22oz, 45F) during the summer portion of his thru-hike. Its a great bag. With a nice hood for those nights it gets a bit too cold. Yet a 3/4 zipper to allow you to open it up on hot night.

08-15-2005, 00:50
i have a WM Caribou MF 35* (850 down). it weighs 20 oz without the stuffsack. it's made with a slighly more durable shell than WM's "lite" series. i'm a hammock camper, and usually just drape it over me, but i like the full length zipper. i use a homemade silnylon sack (one side is fleece, for use as a pillow), that fits the width of my pack without crushing it too badly. about 6 x 10. (the sack it came with was about 5 x 8, and you can squish it down even smaller, to the size of a grapefruit, though i wouldn't want to pack it that way all the time.)

08-15-2005, 07:43
This bad is CHEAP and LIGHT and good to about 45 degrees - as long as you're not more than say 6 FT tall and you aren't too big around the middle or chest. It's snug but I use it to keep the wear and tear off my "good" sleeping bag when the weather is warm. Quality is very good for the rediculous price.