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GI Judy
04-11-2013, 18:46
Hello I am a new hiker and I am 60 yrs old and wanting to hike a part of the AT somewhere in Pa. I have no transportation and I am looking for a partner to help me with mission... I dont hear where to start and I am looking for any helpful information please respond

04-11-2013, 18:53
Since you are a new hiker i would sugest you start in Harpers Ferry W.V and hike NOBO through Maryland into PA, Maryland is the easiest state the AT passes through and when you made it to PA you would be in shape to take on the PA rocks, plus Harpers Ferry has Amtrak service to and from. I hope this helps, good luck and happy hiking.:dance:dance

04-11-2013, 18:54
And one more thing :welcome to WB.

04-11-2013, 22:00
GI Judy, my husband and I will be section-hiking from the Maryland line north to Duncannon (or until we run out of time) between April 17 and April 24. I don't know when you're thinking of hiking, but maybe we'll see you! We can't provide transportation, but we'll be shuttled by Robert Freeman. You can reach him at 717-352-2513. Hope you enjoy the trail! :)

04-11-2013, 23:06
....new hiker.... sugest you start in Harpers Ferry W.V and hike NOBO through Maryland into PA,....

This was the first section I did, hiking with my sons, ages 10 and 12. It was an awesome experience!

We found someone to meet up at Penn Mar Park, just over the border into Pennsylvania. We left our car there and were shuttled to Harpers Ferry, where we hiked north.

Great Trip!