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04-12-2013, 17:23
Hi! Hoping for some advice!

I seem to be particular about the amount of neck space provided by some of the multi day/week hiking packs.

I have done some multiday hikes over the years but never put any thought into the type of pack I used. Plus, they were smaller than something I am hoping to find now.

I tried on the Northface Terra 65 and noticed how my neck seemed to be forced forward. I also tried on the Kelty Coyote 80 and there seemed to be alot more neck space which was nicer. I tried on a couple others too. I tried the packs on with and without wearing my hair in a ponytail.

I am hoping someone "out there" is funny about neck space like I am! I appreciate any help concerning why some packs may be more uncomfortable than others. Which ones would you advise to buy or not buy?

Thanks for any consideration!

04-12-2013, 19:02
Hello Justbreath,

No pack should be hitting your head or neck or forcing your neck forward. I suggest that perhaps the packs that were giving you problems were not properly sized or adjusted. I suggest you try to find the store's most experienced representative in that department to properly fit you for a pack. It is not easy sometimes to find someone in the big retail stores who really knows what they are doing. You might want to try a couple of different stores at different times. You should walk around with the pack with some weight in it.

In terms of which pack to get, there are many recommendations and threads that you can find on Whiteblaze. I know people usually do not work this way, but in some ways the pack should be the last gear decision you make. Some thought should go into the volume of storage and amount of support you will need for the items and weight you will typically carry. Hiking styles and preferences will vary; it may be a while before you figure out your own. Goodluck,


04-13-2013, 14:21
Ditto..."neck space" should never be a problem. The only way I can imagine you could crowd your neck in any pack I've ever owned would be to fill the lid (if it has one) with bunches of stuff then push it way, way forward. Even then it wouldn't do more than drag on the bill of my boonie hat. If the pack is hitting the back of your head while you're standing in a comfortable position then there is something seriously wrong with the fit.