View Full Version : Tins of Smoked Oysters?!?

04-13-2013, 09:32
How about tins of smoked oysters? Anyone had them on the trail? How do you like them? I have eaten many a tin of tuna and kippered herring beside the trail. Always really enjoyed them. I had a friend give me a number of tins of the oysters. I know I could open one and try them out here at home. However, I know from experience that all this stuff sure does taste better, somehow, while on the trail. So I do not wish to waste them here at home. How about it? Smoked oysters??!?!? Like? Don't like?

04-13-2013, 09:47
Makes a great treat for mail drops or to buy in the store and eat. I don't normally carry them, 'cause I don't want to carry out the can, and the oil is tough to dispose of in a LNT way and makes for a messy/smelly garbage bag if you pack it out. I suppose you could just add it to dinner, but the favor is pretty overpowering.

04-13-2013, 10:27
Yeah. . .. that's what I was thinking. That and it takes about 100 tooth brushings.

04-13-2013, 10:35
I like to mix a tin of smoked oysters (including the oil) with some instant mashed potatoes....yum

04-13-2013, 10:38
Really? Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . I need to use the four tins, so I'l try that and any other suggestions that sound good (on the trail of course).

04-13-2013, 11:04

No doubt one of the foods that will evoke a strong reaction one way or the other. The BumbleBee brand have a place of honor in the dashboard of my truck. I may try them added to the Knorr or Lipton Stroganoff noodles.

04-13-2013, 11:25
I just put them on crackers.

04-13-2013, 12:11
I would advise you to try them at home before you carry them any distance only to find that you don't like them and you have to pack ou the resulting mess. But, if you take them untried, open them some night when you can share them with others around a campfire. There will be none left and you can clean and deodorize the can by burning it in the fire before cooling it and then putting it in your recyclable trash bag.

It is amazing what will taste good when you are really hungry. On a 10 day winter trip I carried and enjoyed cookies made of lard, sugar, and just enough flour to hold them together. At home and well fed these cookies are gross and inedible.

04-13-2013, 12:37
There will be none left and you can clean and deodorize the can by burning it in the fire before cooling it and then putting it in your recyclable trash bag.

If you put a empty tin of smoked oysters in the fire it will burn up in no time esp if the oil residue is still in it. It burns easier than the foil packs of tuna, salmon, etc

04-13-2013, 14:42
I love smoked oysters but have never carried them on the trail. I was, however, thrilled to find canned sardines at a camp store in Shenandoah, and gobbled them up before I left the campground. The hikers at the neighboring campsite, however, weren't so excited about the discovery.

04-13-2013, 15:01
I love raw or steamed oysters but am not a fan of tins of smoked oysters. For me they have a completely different flavor and texture compared to their fresh brothers. Therefore I think Grayfox has some good advice to try them at home first before you add them to your food bag and carry them on the trail. Good luck.

max patch
04-13-2013, 15:58
Oysters? Deep fried in a Po Boy in town. Period.

04-13-2013, 16:41
Smoked mussels are also tasty.

04-13-2013, 16:44
Comfort food. Try them on stoned wheat thins and a bit of overproof rum on the side.

04-13-2013, 17:45
Heck yeah, good at home and on the trail. Eat em right out of the tin, or on crackers, or in your noodles, can't go wrong. Just remember, a tin a day keeps the bugs away!

04-13-2013, 18:23
Love oysters on the trail. Just clean up the trash very well.