View Full Version : Need quick list of inexpensive AT Hostels etc ... under $30 a night if possible

04-16-2013, 03:39
Has someone created a list of the prices of the Motels, Hotels, Resorts, B&B's, and Hostels on the AT? It would make a great Article for White Blaze, hint hint.

I am looking for inexpensive places to stay when I go into Trail Towns ... the Rate at the Long Trail is listed at $79 ... is that correct? And Highland Center is $77 with Dinner and Breakfast. I'm going to have to skip those places ... my income isn't sufficient. I have not 'saved' any money, I am planning to use my Social Security/Retirement AFTER expenses ... Somehow I thought living on the Appalachian Trail would be less expensive than sitting here in this bedroom. And I'll still have to pay 'room rent' while I'm gone. I will have $500 with a max of $600 available.

How do you do it? I think I'm going to run out of money before I run out of month.

If no one has a list already to post, I'll try to find time after I get to my Mom's the week before I leave to find the information online and in AWOL's guide. I was hoping to find a list someone else had worked up. I'm stressing over this. Can you tell?

Coosa :eek:

04-16-2013, 03:42
I just realized, tired as I am, that I didn't post this in the correct area.

Can anyone move this to the correct place?

Thanks, a very tired Coosa

Half Note
04-16-2013, 16:55
What section are you doing?

Half Note
04-16-2013, 16:58
Also, is that $600 a month you'll have available to spend?

Jack Tarlin
04-16-2013, 17:06
"Inexpensive" is sort of subjective. Today I helped a guy get a cabin all to himself, which cost at least $65.00. Many, if not most thru-hikers, would not consider this realistic or inexpensive. So I have to say this to the original poster: Trying to put together an "inexpensive" list of facilities or businesses depends on who you ask. The information on what places charge is already out there, is easily accessible, and can be found in any of the popular A.T. guidebooks that appear , and are updated, annually. What is "inexpensive" for one hiker may be considered excessive for another. Look at you guidebook, everything you need to know is there in black and white.

04-17-2013, 02:05
Also, is that $600 a month you'll have available to spend?

Yes, $600 a month at most. I'm hiking MD to Katahdin and taking four and a half months to do so. Or maybe I'll find I can hike faster. But I'm about a two mile an hour hiker.