View Full Version : Need help with campsites or trails in the Adirondack region!

04-17-2013, 22:04
Ok so I need advice for a great hike to do friday somewhere in the adirondack region that can be done in a day with an overnight stay, so anything between 10 to 15 miles!

I think I'm doing Marcy on saturday, 4/20/13 so il be around that area if that helps anyone.

Also, if you dont have a particular hike but know of an incredible campsite or secret spot (which i guess will no longer be secret but whatever!), a spot near a waterfall or a vista to camp at, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks !

Feral Bill
04-17-2013, 23:02
While you are in the neighborhood, The hike from Heart Lake out past Avalanche lake is outstanding. Expect snow. if you are lucky, or mud, if not.