View Full Version : hiking poles on a plain

04-19-2013, 16:21
has anyone ever taken there poles ( metal or wooden ) on a plain, my wife has to go to Denver for work and was wanting to take her poles and maybe on the off day hit a trail.

04-19-2013, 16:24
airplane sorry...stupid phone

04-19-2013, 18:20
It depends on the TSA agent. Some let them on, some don't. Try it, but leave enough time to go back and check them. And don't argue. It might help if you call them "walking aids." And if they make you check them, you'll probably someone else on the same plane who was able to carry them on. That happened to me.

04-20-2013, 08:20
Unfortunately, I have to walk most of the time at home with a cane due to a "slightly unresponsive" right leg which is a souvenir of a stroke I had in 2007. But I also pack along a set of collapsible trekking poles when I fly because my destination usually includes a rail/trail etc., and I love to walk. I have never been questioned about the poles or had to check them in when I run thru security. The cane I use for trips is one of those stark medical supply jobs, which reinforces the idea that the poles are indeed walking aids.

I don't recommend having a stroke to hobble around with a cane, but maybe you could get a regular cane at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a second hand store, and use it when you travel with your trekking poles. Seems like it shows them that the trekking poles are, indeed, "walking aids."