View Full Version : Chester Gap to Harpers Ferry - Hiking partners with varying levels of fitness

04-23-2013, 09:09
I'm visiting Virginia next month and planning to hike Chester Gap to Harpers Ferry. Seems simple enough. There are 4 of us with varying levels of fitness. I run ultras, the friends that are planning to come along are a bit out of shape. Over the years most of my hiking/running has been alone. I know my limits so taking others along is new to me. I only have three full days to hike. Will I be able to drag them along or should I plan/find a shorter alternative?


tf bear
04-23-2013, 16:22
Go for it. Balance the weight of the gear. Take plenty of breaks and treat all blisters and potential blisters right away. Should be a blast

Another Kevin
04-24-2013, 18:39
Bring your camera. If your friends are going too slow to suit you, take lots of pictures and do whatever else amuses you. Recognizing that they won't make your usual speed is half the battle.