View Full Version : CDT hikers, Doug Walsh & Eric Weise, journal

07-08-2005, 09:43
I have enjoyed reading Doug Walsh's aka Skywalker, PCT01, journal, http://www.rawhike.com/hikejournal.shtml , and I see that he is currently NOBO. In Salmon, ID on July 5th... Doug is hiking with Eric Weise who has hiked PCT and AT. They started at NM/MX border on April 22 and hiked north to near CO border where they starting having to skip around to avoid the snow... If u read their journal, u will see that they have still had to hike in lots of snow. They are trying to avoid roadwalking just to miss the snow (ie., they are trying to stay on or near the Divide)... Of ocurse, they are doing alternate routes to the "official" CDT. Doug eats only raw food and seems to be very knowledgeable on nutrition. I thought u may be interested reading his journal especially since he has just started to meet CDT SOBOers.. Enjoy....

Spirit Walker
07-08-2005, 10:13
I have really enjoyed reading this journal. He seems to really be loving the trail, the land and the wildlife. I also appreciate the fact that he updates often, so I can get my journal fix more often. That's a mixed blessing, since it makes me more impateint to be out there, but at least I can enjoy the trail vicariously for now.