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05-01-2013, 05:36
Hey there gang,

My first aid kit consists of a large ziplock bag full of smaller ziplock bags with a variety of first aid things. I'm looking to just pickup a good, organized, light first aid kit for my pack. Any suggestions of what to get?


Rocket Jones
05-01-2013, 07:27
I just use a ziplock with my personalized first aid gear. The one-size-fits-all kits always contain things I don't want or need. Of course, you shouldn't be carrying anything you don't know how to use.

05-01-2013, 07:39
You don't need much. Lots of threads on the subject.
A little tiger balm, some aspirin, a needle and dental floss and some ductape and neosporin is all I ever carry.
You can get to town the next day almost anywhere on the trail so, don't overdo it is my advice.
Search for threads to find all kinds of stuff if you want to carry a lot.

05-01-2013, 08:57
The search function doesn't always work so well on this site, I've found, so good luck with that. Ditto downsizing your kit, just a few things in a sandwich-sized ziplock. Personalize your kit and don't take meds you're not likely to need. I never get headaches or joint pain, so I don't take NSAIDs. I don't get intestinal problems, so nothing for that. I do get athlete's foot, so I take antifungal cream. I take minimal blister care, just a needle and roll of athletic tape. I add a few bandaids, a triple antibiotic, a single-edged razor blade, and tweezers for splinters and spines.

Duct tape, dental floss, a bandanna, a shirt, a trekking pole, a sleeping bag, a cell phone are among the many items in your pack that can also be used in first aid scenarios.

The most important first aid item you can bring along is a cool head. Some training would be nice, too. And of course, the best first aid is staying out of trouble and minimizing risky behavior.

05-01-2013, 10:34
I got an Adventure Medical .09 Kit. It would have cost me more to buy each item for the kit.

05-01-2013, 13:13

Stir Fry
05-01-2013, 14:12
Neosporin, Ibuprofen, 2x2 guaze, and duct tape. Store duct tape on hiking pole. In time you will find thats all you need.

Another Kevin
05-01-2013, 15:44
Neosporin, Ibuprofen, 2x2 guaze, and duct tape. Store duct tape on hiking pole. In time you will find thats all you need.

I don't take much more than that, but I take a few other meds - just a 1-2 day supply to get me off trail. Diphenhydramine and bismuth subsalicylate at least. I take an H2 blocker regularly, so I continue to take it on the trail, but I'd probably carry it anyway even if I didn't need it regularly.

Dental floss and a needle, and my multitool (which includes fine-jawed pliers that will do for tweezers), and a bandana or two, live elsewhere in my pack.

With all that I've been hearing about norovirus among hikers, I'd be tempted to throw in a couple of packets of (homemade) powdered oral rehydration salts, if I were going to be out for longer than my usual clueless weekend. The incubation for norovirus is long enough that I wouldn't bother for a weekend, I'll be back in town before I'm too ill to hike.

05-06-2013, 20:51
If you need more than a few ibuprofen, duct tape, bandaids, gauze pads, mole skin, needle, and triple antiobiotic, its likely
beyond your capabilities anyway.

Dont bring a bunch of useless stuff. You hit a town every couple days. On average, you are only a day or 2 from a town most the time. You dont need much. In an emergency you have clothing, bandana, sticks, etc that can be used to fashion slings, crutches, splints.

05-06-2013, 22:35
I totally minimized my first aid kit. I did a ditty bag review and cover my pain relief and first aid kit at 5:25 - 8:30 in my video. http://youtu.be/kuZCBLfPAek