View Full Version : Hiking from Springer to Neels Gap in September

05-03-2013, 14:27
Hey guys,

I've hiked Springer to Neels gap before during early May(2012), but I would like to take a group of friends (6-8) from Springer to Neels gap sometime later this year before it gets too cold, so I was thinking September.

I would imagine there is still plenty of running water, but I was hoping someone could confirm that this is the case.


05-03-2013, 15:49
No one has a crystal ball and can really tell you how much water will be around in 5 months.
They can guess, but thats all it is
September and October are the driest months in terms of rainfall
Water may be farther apart, but it will still be there.

Is it a dealbreaker to carry 3L instead of 2, or 2 instead of 1?
Not usually.

In cool weather, say temps in the 50s, I routinely do 10 miles on 1L or less
In hotter weather, or with direct sun exposure, I might use 2-3L on same distance and terrain