View Full Version : Best Bakery and Coffee Shop on the AT?

05-03-2013, 14:28
One of the BEST places for bakery goods that first comes to mind is at DWG. One of the BEST Bakery/Coffee shops is the Dirt Cowboy in Hanover NH. I thought it was great as a GaMer sitting at one of the cafe tables on the sidewalk outside the Dirt Cowboy noshing a muffin and sippin some joe on a bright sunny Sunday morn with all the hoity toity types and the Dartmouth crowd. Got my refill of joe and proceeded over to the Dartmouth Commons where about 10 hikers joined in with about as many college students to toss around some frisbees and juggle hackysacks.

05-03-2013, 14:56
The bakery at Delaware Water Gap is certainly one of the best bakeries I visited. I would vote for Mill Mountain in Daleville, VA for best coffee shop. It has a great relaxed vibe and delicious sandwiches with veggies (yum!), although it is in that shopping center and a bit off of the trail. Their smoothies are pretty good too.

05-03-2013, 20:09
there was this gas station near Atkins Va. that had hot coffee, bear claws,snickers, slim jims, Beechnut chewing tobacco and sardines. Plus they sold TP and I was down to just two squares of paper and the cardboard roll. I was real happy to find that little slice of heaven on earth.:)

05-03-2013, 20:38
Another vote for Mill Mountain Coffee in Daleville in that shopping strip mall
Also the Apple House in Linden,Va. has a great little bakery that makes mouth watering apple cinnamon donuts to die for ...yum :)

Good thing about Mill Moumtain is you can stroll over to the outfitters , OutdoorTrails , next door.

Paramount Fit Foods
05-04-2013, 13:32
Mojoe's in Damascus! Great coffee and their homemade fruit & granola bars are out of this world!!

05-04-2013, 13:45
Mojoe's in Damascus..... their homemade fruit & granola bars are out of this world!!

Yeah, forgot about those bars. They are SCRUMPTIOUS!

05-04-2013, 14:22
My vote goes to "Trents Grocery at VA 606" go west .5 mile it will be on your right, they have the absolute best Breakfast deli and Hot chocalate ( AMAZING BLUEBERRY PANCAKES), and they also have a amazing choice of trail food,Also in "Palmerton PA" their is a great Ice cream parlor, but my all time favorite deli is a place in "Hanover NH" ( i forgot the name) they have a meatball Sub that would make your mouth water it was absolutlly Heavenly. But i would also like to add that to a long distance hiker any place you can sit down and take a load off and eat without cooking it yourself is a great place, in my oppinion.:clap

05-05-2013, 11:08
I've enjoyed the coffee/pastries at the bookstore in Manchester Center the 2 times I've been there. Not that the coffee and pastries are gourmet - just that it's better than average and being able to browse a book at the same time is pretty nice.

05-05-2013, 11:29
Ever try the home made ice cream in Boiling Springs? They have some unusual flavors and they have those great waffle cones. Ditto to the atmosphere at the Manchester Center Bookstore. You can sit by the window with decent joe and a better than avg pastry with a book and watch all the tourons lollygagging. Plus Mountain Goat Outfitters (pricey though) is across the street.