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07-09-2005, 14:09
Hey w/blazers! I've moved to Bryson City NC and I don't know a soul! It's beautiful here...i'm so freakin happy to be here! I've made the trail my bedroom 2-3 times a week since I got here 3 weeks ago. The climb out of stecoah gap is great training for my second thru attempt next spring!

Anyway, just wanted to know if there are any whiteblazers near me that might wanna get together for a beer or lunch or whatever. Always up for meeting great prople and I know where to find 'em...right here!
Bigcat, where you at? Legs, drive over to see me sometime, you sorry SOB! I made it to the mountains!

Now for today's tough decision...do I hit the trail in this beautiful weather or go for a paddle on the Tucaseegee river (literally, across the street) or drive over to asheville to play disc golf...hmmm.....stressful decisions, i tell ya :D :D :D :jump

07-18-2005, 15:28
Just wanted to let you know that I'll be in the vicinity over the next few weeks hiking around-Smokies,Joyce Kilmer, Benton MacKaye. Send a PM if you want to hget together. i've lived in the area for about 25 years so am pretty familiar with most places. Also, A beer in BC sounds good!!!Any good breweries? Or is it all just that Budweiser crap?

07-18-2005, 20:48
wow your so lucky,have fun:cool: neo

07-18-2005, 21:50
Have U visited Horace Kephart yet???...he is buried in that cemetary up the hill there in Bryson city,,,,under a big rock!

written on the wall at calhoun house there in Bryson city

corks are in bottles
and easy to pull
that's why little Horace
Is always full!!!

when I wus livin in WNC I used to go by Horace's grave every sp[ring and give horace a little nip while I had my alternative refreshemnt :D

one living in Bryson MUST get to know Horace Kephart and his book THAT BOOK as the ole southern highlanders called it


also check out www.elephantrock.com

Big Dawg
07-18-2005, 21:54
... or drive over to asheville to play disc golf... :D :D :D :jump
What's up K-Bear,,, I live in Jamestown (Piedmont Triad), & am a few hours away from ya,,, wish I had more time,,, I would love to stop in and say hi. My wife & I are adopting a baby, which is quite expensive, causing the need for 2 jobs which keeps me busy. Wish I had more time to get outdoors. Anyway, one of my hobbies is disc golf, which not a lot of people know about. I play at a course in High Point,,, Johnson Park. I've always wanted to play the course in Asheville,,, but seems every time I'm passing thru, I'm heading to one of my section hikes (recently completed Allen Gap to Sams Gap). I also have family that lives in Asheville. What's the course like in Asheville? Next time I'm heading that way, I'll keep ya in mind & see if I can stop for a bit & say hello,, maybe play a round.

Later :sun

07-19-2005, 16:14
Smoky Mountain Steve,
I went up to the cemetery looking around but I couldn't remember the name. Now I got it and i'm gonna go looking again. Thanks! Under a big rock, hua? I think i'll pack my little sippin' platypus and headlamp and go find the old fella tonight. I'll get the book, for sure!

good luck with the adoption, the course I'm wanting to play is richmond hill. I haven't played it yet but it is supposed to be a killer! This is from PDGA.com

Description: Very challenging, secluded course with tight fairways, lots of elevation change and water hazards
<300ft. 9holes
300-400ft. 5 holes
>400ft. 4 holes

I LOSE PLASTIC OFTEN so this course scares me, hehe.I really only play with my "Lightning disc, #3 driver" and I have to get my buddy to fedex me 2 or 3 from texas so once those get here i'll go try it. I dont wanna drive an hour to get out of the car and throw my last good disc into a river on hole one...i need backup!
There are 2 other courses near that one but Richmond Hill seems to be far better. There is even camping at the course! Lotsa tournaments there.
Hope you get out to play soon, brother.