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05-09-2013, 13:53
Hey all-

Just found this website, it's been hard finding information around Eagle Lake in the Allagash wilderness. I have a bunch of question of the are and would appreciate any advice. I have been researching a ton and just want to know everything I need to know before going out there.

First off I want to say that a buddy and I will be going up there eiter the weekend after memorial weekend or during the week after memorial day. Are purpose is to explore in he vast wilderness we are both photographers and really want to check out the locomotives and the surrouning wildlife. I have hiked/camped in the Whites and the Glades and I have paddled Key We and the Ipswich river/Charles river so we are not going in raw.

My first thought was to drive, park and venture on foot from camp site to camp site around Eagle Lake so my next few questions are in regards to that....

-Can I drive the car to Eagle Lake(Telos road?) and is there parking near Eagle Lake or would I have to park at the Chamberlain Bridge and hike to Eagle Lake?

-Are there hiking trails/foot paths (official or unofficial) to get to the surrounding lakes and to walk around the lakes(especially Eagle) itself or is it all back country bushwack....Is it bushwack-able?

-If I were driving around Golden and Telos Road can I just pull off to the side of the road and hike? How long can I leave the car there if I can(multi-days or just hours)?

-Are the campsites crowded or is there privacy? Is it safe to leave the tent and explore via foot/canoe and come back?

My next set of question revolves around the idea that hiking in is not the option and instead getting an outfitter to drop a canoe and us at Eagle Lake and then pick us up in the same spot 3-days later. I have done plenty of canoeing but never in any sort of rapids which is why I would stay in Eagle Lake but wouldn't mind getting my beak wet.

- I have seen videos of Chase Rapids were the canoe tips over. What of my gear? I figure to have a bag with 3-days worth of provisions and change of clothes, last thing I need is that and my camera going over into the water. How is Indian Stream that goes into Eagle Lake? I would like to check out ome of these streams that go into or branch off just worry about the gear.

-Is it better to do 2 solo canoes or 1 canoe with 2 people with our bags in the middle? Figure to explore all of Eagle Lake, Round Pond, Churchhill but not go down to Chase Rapids and stay at different campsites both nights.

-Are there any other streams or lazy rivers that go into or branch off of Eagle Lake without going upstream? How long does it take to explore Eagle? Should I incorporate more?

-What about from Allagash stream to Allagash lake to Chamberlain Lake to Eagle Lake?

Thanks all for any help you can be

05-09-2013, 15:25
I have great memories of chase rapids. Wrapped a canoe around a rock and had to fish the two boys out of the river as they floated on down. I had to play Mcgiever and do some quick repairs but we continued on our way. But we lived and had a story to tell. A couple of days later we were talking with a guide who went solo down those rapids in a wooden canoe. There wasn't a scratch on the boat. I asked him how he did it and he politely told me "I don't hit rocks." I guess that's the difference between rookies and pros.