View Full Version : Need shuttle from Trail at Gettysburg to near Leesburg

05-13-2013, 06:20
Originally posted this in "Trail towns and hiker services. Probably more appropriate here, hence the repost.

My hike is going well, but my planned shuttle at the end ran into problems.
Could someone from the area send me some phone numbers of shuttlers in the Gettysburg area?

I'm going to finish up around May 21 to May 23 depending on weather and legs.

I'm at the Bears Den Hostel now (nice place. Amy just brought me a tray of Brownies!!) I will have computer access tomorrow in Harpers Ferry, when I pick up my resupply. Then it will be Smart Phone only. I can't type more than a word or two on the little touch keyboards, but I can read phone numbers and will call to complete arrangements when I have a good signal.

Thanks in advance for the requested information

05-13-2013, 20:56
I spoke with MT. ROSE (aka Terri) and she indicated that she may be able to accommodate you. She lives right on the trail just north of Calidonia State Park at U.S> RT 30 west of Gettysburg. You can contact her at 717 352 2279. However, it appears that a shuttle of such distance will be costly...

05-14-2013, 22:08
Mary Parry - 717-834-4706. Cell - 717-370-1200. I am leaving for trail days on Wednesday if you want to finish early and ride along. I am not sure where Leesburg is without looking in my book but if you catch me tomorrow before I leave it is a possible solution.

05-14-2013, 22:09
p.s. you should share your phone #