View Full Version : thru hikers need a trail angel! :)

05-13-2013, 20:54
3 of us are in Daleville Virginia and need a ride to Damascus tomorrow the 14th of may. We are willing to pay for a shuttle :):)

Chaco Taco
05-13-2013, 20:56
Check the outfiiter. See if any of the employees are going and offer to pay them gas money. Couldnt hurt

05-13-2013, 21:07
might want to check on where to stay, the trail days camping does not open till the 16th

05-13-2013, 21:13
Hey Brooke...it's me. :>) I wish I could help you out but I don't have the time to take you gals down there. You know I would if I could.... I agree with CT.. check with Outdoor Trails 540-992-5850 I bet they might know of someone. At least someone could get you to Pearisburg and then someone from Pearisburg could take you the rest of the way to Damascus. You'll get someone to take you- I'm sure of it! :)

PS... love the double smiley's :0)