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05-13-2013, 21:20
These are two well maintained shelters ... One is listed for "Snoring" and the other "Non Snoring" -- there is a picnic table between sitting on a rock "patio" and set up 3-4 steps and behind the patio is a Covered Pavillion with a picnic table.

Behind each shelter is a "T" clothes line with 4 lines. In front is pea-gravel stones.

Between the Group camping area and the shelters is a sunken campfire pit surrounded by sitting logs.

There are plenty of spaces for tents and hammocks. The Privy is across the AT close to the group camping area. Off to the Left (facing the Shelters) is the trail to the streams and a "rock hop" across the larger creek leads to a Spring.

I didn't make it as far as Birch Run Shelter to compare, but the Caretakers (who visit regularly and keep 4 rolls of toilet paper in the Privy as well as Hand Sanitizer) said they and the Birch Run Caretakers have a Friendly Competition to see which Shelter site is "the cleanest and best maintained."

05-13-2013, 21:29
Add Quarry Gap to that list of well maintained shelters.