View Full Version : Miniscus surgery??

GA Red
05-14-2013, 13:25
Anyone had it? How long to get back into the woods, and PUD's?

05-14-2013, 13:45
I had the proceedure to repair my tear 2 years ago. Mild discomfort lasted 2 - 3 days immediately afterward. I did Sams Gap to Damascus 7 weeks later with no significant issues. Going downhill I utilized my poles to lessen the impact. The single biggest thing was to do the excercises that the doctor gave me to help re-establish muscle tone. With regards to PUDs... PUDS will always be PUDS....


05-14-2013, 15:02
Anyone had it? How long to get back into the woods, and PUD's? Had it in 2007, just trimed some jagged edges. Walking the next day, Quickly recovered and started long hikes in 3 weeks. Doc said my return to activity was only limited by the pain of the healing from the intrusive surgery. No issues. MAde a huge difference in my hiking/running comfort level. Time for the other Knee.

RC Moonpie
05-14-2013, 16:30
I had it done 2/22/2013. I could not walk for a week. I had to have my knee drained of 60cc of fluid on 2/28/2013. Was walking with a cane for two more weeks. But I also had my knee cap shaved from an older injury. I have been running on it for the past month. I think I'm ready for a hike.

Do what your Dr. says and judge for your self when you can do more.

Good luck and God Bless.