View Full Version : Blogging - best worst sites

Glenn Gordon
05-16-2013, 19:31
Title says it. What blog sites do you like or have used and dont like. I see a lot on Wordpress and blogger.com

Meg Wilson Author
05-16-2013, 19:47
Wordpress has been great for my blog about WANDER WOMEN: What Ten Thru-Hikers Taught One Angel about Pleasure, Pain, and Pink-Blazing
You may view it at http://www.megwilsonauthor.com , and if you happen to be at Trail Days, stop by for some free goodies. I'm across the street from the new Hey Joe's burrito place.

05-16-2013, 19:58
We use WordPress: The Dirty Duo (http://thedirtyduo.com). No complaints; just praise :)

Half Note
05-16-2013, 23:56
I too use Wordpress. I started with Trail Journals but didn't like that I had to have 3 posts just to get the thing up and going. It also didn't seem as user friendly (for me).

05-17-2013, 17:12
My site was all done by hand with HTML, PHP and Javascript. I like the pain but also like the sense of accomplishment and understanding of how the internet "works". With that being said, you can certainly get great results from WordPress, Blogger or Muse as others have mentioned.