View Full Version : My most heartfelt thanks.........

05-25-2013, 23:00
Hello, this is The Pendragon, having just returned home from my section hike between Springer and Damascus. I wanted to forward my utmost appreciation to ALL those wonderful people; hikers, trail angels, those who picked me up hitching in and out of towns, and those who saved me from bad weather. I met a kind of American (and even a few foreigners) whom I thought didn't exist in this country anymore; generous, giving, and a pleasure to know. And I cannot adequately describe the incredible phenomenon of a trail that always provided, maybe not what and when you wanted, but always what and when you NEEDED. And, lastly, I want to send the strongest positive vibes I can muster to all those hikers who were injured during the tragedy at the 2013 Trail Days Parade, which I was participating in (a dream come true) but luckily escaped unscathed.

It was never the destination.......it was the journey. HYOH (I sure did!)