View Full Version : Katahdin Stream lean-to available from AT Trail Magic

AT Trail Magic
05-28-2013, 18:11
Mike G. from Maine has donated a lean-to to AT Trail Magic. The dates are for August 20, 21, and out by 11AM on the 22nd. It will be either site #11 or #12 (undecided as yet). Sleeps up to 5. Save $15 from staying at the Birches. If you would like a rez, for just yourself, or if you are hoping to have family join you on your fantastic completion, email [email protected] . Hike well!

TJ aka Teej
05-30-2013, 18:24
Those are the last two lean-tos on the AT heading northbound, right on the AT and facing Katahdin Stream itself, just steps from the Katahdin trailhead.
Super sites!!

AT Trail Magic
05-31-2013, 06:25
Thanks Teej. Wasn't sure exactly where but knew they were on that upper road.

AT Trail Magic
08-10-2013, 20:18
Lean-to trail magic coming up soon! Two weeks til available. Both 11 and 12 are reserved but I will be staying in one with family. We will be letting up to five thruhikers in the other lean-to and provide some food, etc. Signs will be posted at the Abol Rd AT exit and at the Birches. Will put a sign at the Rangers station at Katahdin Stream also. Spots still open.