View Full Version : BD Trekking Pole Shopping Question

Odd Man Out
05-29-2013, 00:29
Looking to get some trekking poles for Father's day. I have decided that I like the Black Diamond Ergo Cork models (because of the flick lock adjustment and angled cork handles). They come in two varieties. The Alpine model has one section of aluminum and two sections of carbon fiber. The Trail model is all aluminum. I generally assume that you pay a premium for CF to save weight. But in this case, the more expensive CF Alpine model is actually 2 oz heavier. Is there another advantage to the CF poles that would justify the extra cost (and 2 oz)?

I did e-mail the company and they replied right away (twice). They claim that the CF poles are a bit stiffer and dampen vibration a lot better than aluminum. Anyone with experience with these who can comment? These seem to be more robust CF poles than the UL one in the the BD Z-Pose line.

05-31-2013, 14:11
I've hiked a lot if miles & can't for the life of me figure why people are concerned with hiking poles. As long as they work with my tent I'm happy. Not knocking anyone, just me I guess.

05-31-2013, 21:20
I just got the all-aluminum ones this spring because of the angled cork handles and haven't noticed any stiffness problems. I've been on mostly softer surfaces so far, so I don't know about vibration issues, but I really like them so far. They didn't have the CF ones at my REI, so I didn't try them.