View Full Version : 2 or 3 day loop ideas?

06-10-2013, 12:12
I am looking for a 3 or 4 day (2 or 3 night) loop that is in the 7-12 mile/day range. Anybody have recommendations for a route and campsites/shelters along the way? I have a map, so I just need some advice on where to go.

Teacher & Snacktime
07-29-2013, 18:25
I'm looking for similar into babelaj.....since you've gotten no responses, I'd try a different forum. Personally, I'm looking for an easy way to see the ponies.

07-31-2013, 13:53
Here's one that would fall in your mileage requirements and would cover both the ''High' country and the woods.

Day 1-Park at the Appalachian trail parking lot on rt. 603 Fox Creek. Go north on the AT for 2.3 miles and intersect the Iron mtn. trail,then go west(left) and follow it all the way to Straight branch shelter(you will pass another shelter on the way) total miles-9.9.
Day 2- Continue on the yellowed blazed IMT for 3.1 miles and at shaw gap turn left and then immediatly right onto the Beartree gap trail. After crossing over the dam turn right and then after crossing over rt 58 in another 1/4 mile you'll intersect the Appalachian trail. Go north and after almost 2 miles you'll merge with the Va. creeper trail,the 2 trails run together for a half mile or so before the AT turns left at the end of the bridge. from here it's just another 2 miles to Lost Mtn. shelter. total miles-10.5
Day 3-Continue north and reach Thomas Knob shelter in 12.2 miles.
Day 4-Finish out the trip by going through the grayson Highlands Park and getting back to Fox creek parking lot in 12.7 miles.