View Full Version : short section hike from Damascus (Straight Branch) to The Scales

keen adventures
06-13-2013, 21:41
Hi all, I am planning a short section hike from Straight branch in Damascus to The scales just outside of Greyson Highlands. Any tips on good camping spots? Other tips for that section? Any advice is appreciated! :)

06-14-2013, 08:33
I just did that in reverse, and I recommend going south unless you like long ups. This is a great section to pick ramps, figure out now how to incorporate them into your meals. Campsites are everywhere, no worries. We camped one night down the creeper trail about 100 yds off the AT on the river in the sand almost under the bridge. Real nice, I bet you can swim there now! Lots of trout fisherman in the river. There is a pond ahh just after of before lost mtn shelter where the frogs will sing you to sleep.

06-14-2013, 10:26
Beautiful views up at the scales and the hike from Damascus is real cool.

Almost There
06-14-2013, 11:04
I second hiking SB back to Damascus. It's a great hike, and very enjoyable.

Tennessee Viking
06-14-2013, 14:13
Whitetop is the only real climb. The climb up to Saunders Knob is not hard.

Take the side trip up to Mt Rogers summit.

Walk the trail back to the Creeper and walk the Creeper back into town. Its more scenic.

keen adventures
06-15-2013, 21:23
Thanks for the advice! I will consider Sobo compared to Nobo...it's just depends on how my ride works out

06-18-2013, 17:53
Yah, I would go SOBO. When I thru'd, I too slept on the creeper trail! I just climbed down to a sandy alcove and hung my hammock. Also, going SOBO, if you're bored or don't wanna mess with the AT, you can always cruise on the creeper trail. I rented a mountain bike when in town and biked the creeper from the top of the mountain. It was a nice change of pace, and there's some cool views in terms of the bridges/water/rock formations. Plus, if you go SOBO, there's a subway right when you walk into town! I crushed that foot long turkey!