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06-15-2013, 18:57
Hello Hikers. My trail name is Ram Sham and I work with a Deafblind (profoundly deaf and legally blind) AT hiker named Cane. I am his sighted guide. He has Usher's Syndrom which is responsible for his deafness/blindess and in addition to his unsteadily balance. We logged in at least 1,900 miles under our belt for past 3 years. His determination to hike and accomplish his AT dream amaze me from time to time. With less than 230 miles left to hike in part of NH and ME, we encounters a serious "trials and tribulations" - Cane is currently struggling with hiking on trail that throws him off balance and fall down at numerous time. He is frustrated and has to get off trail twice. We are staying at Pine Ellis Hiker Lodge in Andover, ME. He is currently re-contemplating his options. We discuss for a long time and decide to post something here at request of our fellow AT hikers (special thanks to Crabapple, Ilene T. and David R. of Pine Ellis Hiker Lodge) to see what our AT community may offer to us.

Here is a couple of options that we came up so far:
1) find someone to carry most of Cane's gears to allow Cane to concentrate on his hiking and maintain his balance without having his backpack weight throws him off-balance (porter or sherpa)
2) find someone who is available to help us with ride arrangement and knows the local services/resources very well and able to communicate via text

Please feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions either here or via email. To give up pursuing his dream is last thing Cane wants to consider. If you want some background information on Cane's AT journey, we have the blog: http://atdeafblinddream.wordpress.com

06-15-2013, 19:39
I would suggest slack packing and waiting a few more weeks for better weather and trail conditions.

Slack packing would require some what longer days to get to pick up points, but is not unreasonable considering not having a full pack to slow you down. It would also be fairly expensive due to all the shuttling and hostel/motel stays needed.

I don't see having someone carry his gear as a viable option, as they would have to also carry thier own. It would take several people to split up the load enough that everyone would have a reasonable load to carry.

Good Luck!

06-15-2013, 20:09
RamSham and Cane--What an amazing story and remarkable adventure! I checked out your blog and am awestruck by you both. I'm not in New England or I would love to help. I hope some folks here will be able to help you out. You're so close! Hike safe and I'll be following!!!

06-26-2013, 12:08
Sorry to see so few replies here. Bump!

gizzy bear
06-26-2013, 16:39
i REALLY hope the slack packing is an option for ou guys and the answer to your question... i wish i could help...but i do wish you the BEST of luck and i truly hope that cane makes his dream come true!!!

06-26-2013, 17:08
I wish I lived a little closer. I had a deaf and blind daughter. So I really appreciate you posting this about the hike. Great job on your journey so far!!!

You should be able to find someone to carry the pack. Depending upon how much the pack weights now, you might have to down size somewhat for the porter/Sherpa. .... Anyone who has their gear dialed in to UL would have no problem with this, as their gear doesn't take up much room........ Good Luck and enjoy the rest of the hike!

06-26-2013, 21:04
I wish I lived closer, I would offer my help. Let us know when you finish!! That's just amazing! :)

06-27-2013, 14:33
Wow, what an amazing story. Hope you can find some help on your journey. Wish I was closer as well.

09-02-2013, 16:22
Hello everone -
Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions. As of today, we have 114.5 miles left to hike from Rt.15 Monson to Mt. Katahdin. In mid-July, we met a couple who run Bethel Outdoor Adventure (BOA) in Bethel, ME. They adopted us as a family and met the BOA community. After hearing about Cane's struggling to hike on challenging trail, a hiker approached us and said he is more than happy to help us out by carrying some of Cane's gears and supplies (Cane's sherpa). His name is Paul and he is not thru-hiker or AT hiker, but is inspired by Cane's dream of hiking on the AT. He hiked with us through the Mahoosuc Notch, Saddleback Mtn, and Bigelow Mtn. He is going to hike with me through 100-Mile Wilderness and all the way to the summit of Mt. Katahdin. We hope to wrap up our AT journey in mid-Sept or before our cut-off date 26-Sept. Wish us a good luck! :)

09-02-2013, 16:34

Teacher & Snacktime
09-02-2013, 16:59
Yeah RamSham! Keep on hiking! I had read this post a few months ago, but didn't make the connection when me met in Stratton.....you are inspiring, and Snacktime and I are proud to have met you!


09-02-2013, 17:49
WOW!! What a great story. I'm glad you two found someone to help. Best wishes on your final stretch!!

kayak karl
09-02-2013, 18:20
WOW!! what an inspiration of what can be done if people pull (walk) together :)

09-13-2013, 16:18
Teacher and Snacktime - glad we got to meet! Thanks everyone for your kind words! We arrived at Jo-Mary Rd yesterday....we are in Millinocket attending Trails End Festival today and tomorrow, then go back on the trail with 56 miles left to go....hoping to arrive at Golden Road by Friday 20-September, so anyone can join with us hiking from Golden Road to Katahdin Stream Campground. Anyone is also welcome to climb with us to Mt. Katahdin too! Keep an eye out for the latest updates via our blog: http://atdeafblinddream.wordpress.com


Teacher & Snacktime
09-13-2013, 22:24
RamSham.....try this 2nd thread....the journal and photo are ChinMusic's


Train Wreck
09-13-2013, 23:15
Just 56 miles left...you guys rock!

Teacher & Snacktime
09-14-2013, 09:12
Anyone is also welcome to climb with us to Mt. Katahdin too! RamSham

Snacktime and I would be all over this if we weren't about to head out to VA.....summitting with you guys would be an honor!