View Full Version : MATC is looking for volunteers

walkin' wally
07-17-2005, 20:20
For those who might be interested in trail maintainance in Maine. Joining the Maine A T C for $15 a year (individual) can make someone eligible for one of several sections now available. There is a chainsaw workshop available in the spring and fall. ( a chainsaw is not necessary for some areas) There is a newsletter and a website with lots of info available.

Also working with the MATC are the Maine Trail Crew and the Maine Conservation Corp.( part of Americorps)

The Maine Trail Crew is really short for help this year.

This week I will be headed to my section for an overnighter to do battle clipping in-growth from the sides of the trail. Lots of company with hikers passing by and a quiet evening at Rainbow Spring :)


SGT Rock
07-22-2005, 11:42
I split this off to give it its own thread. Good luck!