View Full Version : A week hiking, but where?

06-16-2013, 15:34
Hello everyone! I'm new to register but not new to the site! Because of my work and the amount of vacation they allot me a year, I can't thru hike..
So I'm taking a week off and hiking and where better to start section hiking than in my own back yard! But... Where in Maine is a good week hike on the AT? I'm going alone and a lot of people don't like it but hell, it won't be bad. :)

07-15-2013, 06:19
i have never done it but the 100 mile wilderness part is talked about ever 3 seconds on the trail so , do that, 20miles x 5 days + 2 rest days = 1 week!

07-15-2013, 07:10
Plenty of options but I would suggest that 20 miles a day for someone not in condition is pushing it. The various shuttlers who service Maine all know where the back roads are that allow them to drop you off foa customized trip that fits a more reasonable schedule. I would suggest possible White cap north to Abol Bridge. The first day is steep but after that you hit the lakes section of the 100 mile wilderness. RT 17 north to RT 27 might be a good stretch, start out easy and gradually work up going over Saddleback, Spaulding, Sugarloaf and possibly add in the Crockers