View Full Version : Katahdin Stream leanto space available

06-20-2013, 19:41
I'm starting another thru-hike on July 17th. SOBO this time. I just got my paid reservation for leanto #5 at Katahdin Stream campground where I plan to spend my 1st night. The leanto holds at least four and I made reservations for two. That means that I've got room for 2 more intrepid souls that might be beginning their southward journey on that date.

So if you're up that way on July 17th, and don't have a place to stay, come by and see El Flaco. Mi casa es su casa.

06-21-2013, 10:13

I don't need the space as I am startiing SOBO earlier in the month however I wanted to say hi. I am sure you will cross my path early however as
I are beginning very slow....you are only a week or so behind me....:)


06-21-2013, 18:01
10-4 NCmedic. Look forward to meeting you on the trail.

06-21-2013, 20:32
Same here...summiting 7/13 and starting south the next day...look forward to meeting all of you someplace along the trail. Unitic