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06-23-2013, 18:50
Hey all,
I own an Osprey Atmos 65 that I bought about two years ago when my gear was heavy and bulky but now that I have invested in much smaller, lighter gear, I've realized that 65 liters is way too much. That said, I would like to stick with the Osprey packs, I would just like opinions as to what the consensus is for a smaller pack is.

The two main ones I've been stuck deciding between are the Atmos 50 and the Exos 58. please throw me some comments and opinions so I can make the right choice. The plan is to thru hike next march so it will have to be able to withstand the 6 month punishment although I do take very good care of gear.

The Exos is lighter and has a little more volume, but I know the Atmos series is phenomenal.

The rest I leave to all of you...thanks

PS, once I buy a new pack, I will have no need for the 65 if anyone is interested in a trade or buying it.

06-23-2013, 18:54
I downsized from the Atmos 65 to the Atmos 50. it worked great for me this spring on my 470 miles section

06-23-2013, 19:15
i had the atmos 65 for 7 or 8 yrs, but every year my kit would get a bit smaller, so when i sectioned from springer to damascus this year, i just got the same pack in the 50 instead, and its just the right size for me and my gear. i kept the atmos 65 for winter.i'll be using the atmos50 for my own thru next spring

06-23-2013, 19:21
I downsized from the Atmos 65 to the Atmos 50. it worked great for me this spring on my 470 miles sectionBeen toying with this myself, but will keep the Atmos 65 for winter loads...but that 50 is calling to me...[socks, socks...buy me socks...your wife wont mind another pack, and besides, I don't eat very much, you'll hardly even know I'm here].:)

06-23-2013, 19:35
I downsized from a 65L to a 42L pack, and I have to say that I have never been happier on the trail. I went with the REI Lookout 40, which has only one aluminum stay, but also has a full framesheet. It's heavy for a "daypack", but really is bombproof.

06-24-2013, 16:52
Personally, I'm not sure I see the value in spending the money to "downsize" to the Atmos 50. It's only a couple of ounces lighter, so as long as you are disciplined enough to keep your gear list manageable (i.e., you don't fill up the 65 just because the space is there), then you aren't gaining much efficiency by switching packs. If it were me, and you wanted to stick with Osprey, I'd go Exos because you're at least dropping a fair amount of weight.

06-24-2013, 17:14
I did go to EMS today and tried out a few smaller sized ospreys although they didn't have the exos 58 or the Amos 50 in stock and after throwing all my gear into a kestrel 48, it left a tiny but of room but I didn't have any food or water in so the exos 58 should be a perfect size for my gear setup (which will hopefully only keep dropping in size and weight) and as you said, over a pound lighter. worst case scenario is I get the bag in, hate it, and return it...not my favorite way to do business but the employees recommended that's the route to go.

I ordered the medium and it should be here in a week or two just in time for a weekend trip by the DWG in NJ. I will follow up with a good little review if anyone cares to read about it....and I know you all care oh so much about my opinion *sarcasm*

06-24-2013, 17:15
and at this rate of gear weight loss, I might have to start posting in the ultralight forums haha

06-24-2013, 17:31
Stupid question, why stick with those packs? I used the GG mariposa for my thru-hike. It's roughly 70L and only weighs 27oz. If you're really trying to go lighter, I would recommend that. Or look at ULA/Golite packs. I mean, HYOH, but the ATMOS 65 is 3lbs 10oz vs the ATMOS 50 is 3lbs 4oz (this is large size). I mean, that's still 52oz of JUST pack weight. The GG is essentially half of that...just some food for thought.

06-24-2013, 17:32
You are(have) figuring(figured) it out yourself. Since no one knows the volume of your typical kit how could anyone tell you what size volume backpack you should downsize to? As others have said I would expect to significantly lower the wt of my empty pack if I downsize to a new pack that's as much as 15 L less in volume. Also, don't be so hesitant to trash the 65 L pack as you might need it in the future. Not every trail has as many resupply options as the AT! You might one day go on a longer winter hike or truly multi night backcountry wilderness trek where you'll require a larger volume pack.

06-24-2013, 17:34
I went with exos, it's over a pound lighter tha. the Atmos and I'm not intending on being ultralight, just making a joke compared to my old gear setup that was almost double my weight and volume.

I love osprey and the suspension these packs have so I wanted to stick with it. believe me, if I want to get a pack that weighs less than my shorts, I'll get it but I'm not ready for that type of pack

06-24-2013, 17:35
and I wouldn't want a 70L. I wanted to downgrade the volume of the pack...the weight was just a secondary reason

06-24-2013, 17:42
great point dogwood, assuming financials stay on an even keel I will be keeping the 65 for those exact situations but I did pack the kestrel 48 today with all gear including winter gear and still had a good space left for food and water so it seems like I COULD get rid of the 65 but who knows what will happen. better to be safe than sorry

06-24-2013, 17:52
You must wear size XXXL shorts.:)

06-24-2013, 18:59
I looked at the Exos 58 but went with the Granite Gear Crown 60...no regrets.

Big Dawg
06-24-2013, 19:35
I downsized from Atmos 65 to 50, and am happy with my decision. I'm a big fan of the Atmos series. I also have a GG Gorilla, which is 46L, and also recently returned an Osprey Hornet 46. I like the Airspeed frame of the Atmos, and am glad I went back to it!

06-24-2013, 20:25
it was almost comical how many osprey packs i saw my 6 weeks on the trail this spring, particularly the atmos65. ula was a distant #2. the running joke when you couldnt remember someones name was "you know the skinny bearded guy with the osprey pack".their customer service is outstanding. they replaced starfall's size large with a medium in damascus at no charge, although she had bought the pack the year before.

06-25-2013, 01:01
The Atmos series is darn comfy, and you can dial that puppy in for a perfect fit.