View Full Version : Inn to Inn Hikes along the Trail

06-25-2013, 12:03
I understand there are opportunities to hike Inn to Inn along the trail. Examples of such being in Shenandoah National Park, the 'Appalachian Ramble' through the New River Valley in Virginia, as well as part of Northwestern Massachusetts. I've also heard of another in Connecticut. Has anyone on whiteblaze heard of any other areas where this is possible or has anyone even created their own Inn to Inn hike along the trail?

06-25-2013, 12:53
The AMC huts in the White mountains are along the trail. This is the only section where you can truely hike "inn to inn" as it were.

I suppose it would be possible to hike B+B to B+B in parts of Connecticut and Mass but avoiding staying in the woods for a night or two along the way would result in some pretty long days. Unless you arranged for a shuttle. It is possible to "slack pack" nearly all the AT by using shuttles to take you to and from trail heads every day, but this gets to be extremly expensive, very quickly.

06-25-2013, 12:56
The long trail has a few inn to inn sections. Not sure how formal they are.

06-25-2013, 16:49
CT is definitely doable staying at INNs almost every night. I can't remember how many miles there were to CT, but I literally only slept in the woods one night. Now, with that said, I was probably doing 18-25miles per day to work that out.

06-26-2013, 00:21
There are a lot of hikers this year not staying in the wood much. They are staying in hotels, hostels or with friends of the trail & slackpacking most of the trail. So it is possible