View Full Version : thru hikers looking for somewhere to spend the 4th

07-02-2013, 17:18
Our group is going to be in the Glenwood Lake area during the 4th and are seeking a place to enjoy the holiday. Can anyone give us a few ideas?

07-02-2013, 19:58
You mean Greenwood Lake, NY? If so, I highly recommend Anton's on the Lake. I'm pretty sure he gave me a hiker rate...it may be higher priced then some of the motels below the Mason Dixon line, but it's directly on the lake, and the owner is awesome! We did quite a bit of partying when I was there and I had an awesome time! Also, town is super close to the motel and all of the basics are there...chinese, pizza, subway, bagels/sandwiches..

07-02-2013, 21:34
There used to be a place on Jersey Ave that had AYCE crab legs on Thursday nights...it was a dive but the crab was good and beer was cold! I think it changed owners and not sure if they still offer the AYCE...