View Full Version : Any rain/flooding in southern Virginia??

07-04-2013, 15:20
Leaving tomorrow ... Lots of rain here and some local flooding the past few days. Any problems around Bland to Damascus??

07-04-2013, 22:53
i mean its super wet and the creeks are pretty well muddied up, the section isnt getting too much heavy traffic right now though which is good, especially north of grayson highlands. i havent been out in a few days, will most likely run the trail a bit tomorrow. Id expect some slow tough muddy going in some parts. i havent heard of any damage anywhere from flooding and no storm damage.

if youre on a time crunch id consider shortening your section down a bit with the weather, just in case.

07-04-2013, 23:57
We camped at beartree a few years ago. One of the trestles washed out on the creeper that night, and we ran into a few closed roads trying to get home. Interesting trip. Hoping to not have a repeat.