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Just Bill
07-21-2013, 12:07
Just a friendly reminder- I just got my postcard- July 25th-30th is the Patagonia past season sale (summer). You can sometimes get up to 50% off, 30% advertised but the February sale is the cheapest if you don't see a stellar deal. That said- get on early- popular stuff is gone in a few hours!

07-22-2013, 08:40
Thanks Bill. How does one get on the post card list?

Just Bill
07-22-2013, 09:10
I'm sure you can just call or e-mail to be added, but making an online purchase seems to have automatically added me. The Patagonia sales are open- you don't need an invitation. For newbies (and class of 2014) not familiar- I would most strongly recommend checking out Houdini Jackets. While a windshirt isn't quite as critical on the AT as it is out west- it's still pretty damn useful at 4 ounces. I even wore mine as a skirt on my last tune-up trip. They will shed a light rain (about an hour) and they are fantastic bug shirts too. I'm not sure if the summer sale will be as deep a discount- but you can pick them up as low as $50. I personally still consider a 1/4 zip Capeline 2 longsleeve to be the single best baselayer, I got one for about $30 if memory serves. A Merino 1 top, short sleeve or tank top is likely to be on sale, and makes a great hot weather base layer. Keep in mind that Patagonia stuff runs on the slim side, and they have a few different cuts, some seriously athletic. I'm 5'10, 200 pounds and wear anything from a medium to an XL, so try to hit up a store to try one on- although Patagonia has a seriously loose return policy so don't be scarred to pick up a few sizes and try them. One more tip- I don't "fit" in a medium, but I can get it on- but I do buy them that small for a reason- in hot weather. By sizing a size too small, the fabric is stretched slightly and performs better for me at high temps. I wear them out a bit faster, but stay cooler than wearing the "correct" size.

07-24-2013, 09:23
Thanks JB.

07-24-2013, 10:31
that's a great tip on using a Merino 1 tee shirt as a warm weather base. I also love Icebreaker 150 wt. zip-neck SS and LS merino shirts for base layers, but the Patty Merino 1 feels and looks lighter weight than the Icebreaker 150 tech tee.

Just Bill
07-24-2013, 10:48
As long as you don't beat me to it- Patagonia had some Merino 1 tank tops this season, likely to be on the chopping block this sale. They experience a little pilling and seam wear when used for backpacking, but otherwise hold up well. I'm not a wool fan, but Merino 1 stuff is 35% poly and better than Cap 1 as a next to skin layer, IMO. They just posted a new online "ad" email for the Houdini- so it is likely that the summer one will go on sale. I'm not a big fan of any brand per say, but Patagonia is a classy company that gives back, and they do make a few pieces that are arguably the best around. (Houdini, Merino 1, Cap 2 1/4 zip) For anyone debating wind pants, they had Houdini pants back in the lineup this year, but it may be part of the fall collection and not on sale. Their trail running stuff is likely to be the main items on clearance- but for hiking/backpacking I stay away from some of their "stretch" fabrics, the higher lycra/spandex counts are heavier and dry slower for all day use. (unless you want them for running that is)

Just Bill
07-24-2013, 23:48
Patagonia sale is now live- Houdini's for $70, not a monster sale, 30%, but still some decent things.

07-25-2013, 22:53
How'd ya make out on the sale? I got 2 longsleeve capilenes, a silkweight t, and a pair of capilene boxer briefs. Wanted a Houdini but there is just no way I would wear any of the colors they had available. Pretty good deals.

Just Bill
07-25-2013, 23:08
Nothing much for me- got a Visor, a running tank, running polo, and something else I can't remember now... Guess it'll be a nice surprise when the box arrives! The Fall clearance- around FEB/March is usually the big one- 50% off typically, but things go fast. I logged on last night at 10, and the sale was on- good trick for future sales. I ran into a few hikers last I was on the trail that mentioned they were able to get the 50% discount for thru-hikes. Not sure on the details...