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07-31-2005, 14:20
Hi, I need a new backpacking tent and see good prices (for my budget) for Eureka! tents at Campmor in N.J. Any experiences good or bad for the Tetragon 5 by Eureka!? Thanks , Stillbill

07-31-2005, 14:45
Much too heavy for backpacking, that's better suited for car camping. You'd be better off buying used or saving another $100 for something in the 2-3 lb range.

07-31-2005, 15:32
True, the Tetragon 5 is too heavy, but I met a thru-hiker in Mass. who had been hiking with a one-man Eureka tent since Damascus, and he seemed very satisfied with it.

It looked like the Spitfire, I think, which is only 3lb. 4oz. and selling at Campmor for about $89.

Personally, I like my Clip Flashlight by Sierra Designs, which is 4lbs. 6 oz. Campmor always has a discount price on the previous year's models. It's the 2-person version, but I find that the extra pound is worth the extra space I get at night, plus I can pull my pack in with me, keeping it dry, and still be quite comfy. As far as price/pounds/space ratio, it's one of the best. (I think I paid $119 for the previous year's model on sale, about 2 years ago.)

07-31-2005, 16:50
try this eureka backcountry 1 is on sale at campmor 97.97 and is less than 4 lbs

very roomy,great head room 1 person tent:cool: neo


Stale Cracker
07-31-2005, 19:22
I have used a Eureka AT/XT for years and have also been well pleased with the quality and weatherability of this particular Eureka tent. It is however heavy and I have since upgraded.

Though some may not consider Eureka a "top of the line" tent, whatever that means, they do in my experence offer excellent value. I'd say buy the lightest Eureaka backpacking tent your budget will allow and I suspect you will be well pleased.

On second thought if you would like to buy mine I'll sell it to you for $50 you pay the freight. It is in good condition with, last time I used it, only one small seam tear in the mosquito netting, easlily repaired. If you don't like it and will ship it back to me I'll give you your $50 back.

Let me know what you think. You can emal me off line.

08-16-2005, 12:54
I like the Eureka Spitfire a lot. It's cheap, light, and not claustrophobic. I like it better than the Backcountry: the Spitfire is a bit lighter and has more "useful" space under the fly. The Spitfire might be a bit more weather proof than the Backcountry. (The Backcountry is not a bad tent.)

An important difference between them is the Backcountry is truely free standing and the Spitfire isn't.

I have a MSR Hubba, which I like. The MSR is not quite as free standing as the Backcountry but much more so than the Spitfire. If I did not need a free standing tent and the Spitfire was available, I might have gone with the Spitfire over the Hubba.

If it proves to be durable, the Spitfire should turn out to be a popular tent (in my opinion).

If you are soloing, I'd strongly suggest keeping the tent weight under 4lbs. Unless you are overly wide or tall, at least one of these single-person tents should be comfortable to you. (I'm even moving towards the opinion that 3-4lbs is too heavy.)

The well-regarded tarptents (and others) are much lighter than than the tents discussed in my post. One problem is seeing them in person. Another problem is that they are not cheap (> $200).

08-16-2005, 13:00
Can't speak for that model but I started out camping/hiking years ago with a Eureka tent. In fact I bought two of them at the time (one for me and one for my sone) - style was called the "Rising Sun". It is a free standing (3 pole) solo that weighs around 3 pounds with stakes. Looks a lot like a SD Clip Flashlight but it's free standing. Still have them but haven't used them in quite some time after converting to single wall silnylon shelters.

What I can say, at least about those Eureka tents is that they stood up to a lot of abuse and are still in very good condition. Every once in a while I think I should sell them off but then something happens and I forget about them. Guess they might die a slow death in the gear locker with all the rest of my old stuff.


08-16-2005, 13:28
I've never been wet in a Eureka. Used a Timberline ( 2 man) for many years, then went to a Zepher(1 man) around 98. Now my creaky bones have got me off the ground and into a hammoc most of the time, but I still use my zepher.

Big Dawg
08-16-2005, 20:46
I've used my Eureka Backcountry2 for many years now, & it's held up well & given me great service. If it's all you can afford right now, then it will serve you well,,, but w/ a weight penalty,,,, unless you can fit in the Eureka Solitaire.

My Backcountry2 is 5lbs+ & way too heavy for my current hiking needs. I will soon be switching between a 1lb 12oz Tarptent Virga2 & a 2lb 8oz HH w/Hexfly.


08-17-2005, 10:25
Ditto on Eureka's!
I used to be a fixture at their factory outlet sale when I lived in Western NY. I'd use a tent for a season and then sell it for close to what I paid for it.
You can always call the factory store and see what A models (Minor cosmetic blems) they have marked down and in stock.
I think the number is 1 888-6Eureka or 1-888-Eureka6

Mountain Hippie
08-18-2005, 00:13
I have not used their tents for several years. The main reason being I switched to a hammock. Prior to that I had owned a couple of their tents and had no problems with the quality. I even owned one of the first versions of the tetragon 5. For me the tetragon had two faults. One was the weight. When hiking with a partner we could split up the weight but for solo it was to heavy, even though it was roomy. The second fault was the footprint. I often camp in the mountains where flat ground is a premium. Finding a flat spot large enough for the tent was often a problem. Along the AT it was not an issue.
If I were to buy another Eureka it would probably be the Zeus. I know a couple of people that use them and they are reasonably happy with the Zeus. But honestly it is doubtful that I will ever switch from my hammock back to a tent.
Anyway if you want a Eureka you can contact the factory outlet store at 1-888-6 EUREKA. You can also reach them by e-mail at info@eurekacampingctr.com As Toolshed stated they have some A models that have slight blemishes. They may also have some B models that are used. Good Luck