View Full Version : NF Canyonland vs. SD Clip Flashlight Tent

Jerry Lutgen
01-03-2003, 18:45
I am planning a AT thru-hike in a couple years. I'm not sure what tent I plan to take. I own a North Face Canyonlands and like it . I used it on the Wounderland Trail this year. My son has a Clip Flashlight and I like it to. Any thoughts out there about these tents.

Lone Wolf
01-03-2003, 18:56
I've owned 2 Clips in the past, I now own a Canyonlands. I like the Canyonlands much better. Weighs less, easier setup. Lots of mesh and I like the side entrance feature.

01-03-2003, 22:15
I had looked at a Canyonlands on my last tent search, but ended up with the Clip Flashlight 2CD. 5 oz. weight difference is negligible (packaged weight), but the additional 9 sq. ft. sold me - I like to bring the pack in the tent and have room to stretch out. I do like the mesh on the Canyonlands, but w/o rainfly my modesty would take a beatin'.