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07-27-2013, 12:09
UPDATE: SEARCH FOR GERALDINE LARGAY - July 27, 2013: Maine Game Wardens are seeking information concerning missing AT hiker Geraldine Largay who uses the trail name “inchworm” from the following hikers using the trail names: “Cowboy”, “Marathon”, “Postman”, “Breeze”, “Paranoid”, “Crunchmaster”, “Harpo/Groucho”, “Ice Pack/SOBO ’13”,” Luke 11:9”, “Sandman”, “BBTGR”, and “.com/Queen”.

Warden investigators need to speak with the listed hikers to determine and verify if the Geraldine was seen between the Poplar Ridge Lean-To and the Spaulding Mountain Lean-To on the Appalachian Trail. Warden investigators also need to verify if Geraldine stayed overnight at the Spaulding Mtn. Lean-To Monday night July 22 into Tuesday morning July 23. The Warden Service also wants to inform bear baiters baiting in the search area to be on the lookout for Mrs. Largay.

Those with any information should call the Public Safety Communications Center in Augusta at (207) 624-6076. or 1-800-452-4664

07-29-2013, 15:15
Hope she turns up safe....

07-29-2013, 16:29
The correct # is Maine State Police Communications Center in Augusta at (207) 624-7076